Paintball is a very fun and challenging sport, but includes a lot of specific techniques that a new player may not know about. One of these techniques is called 'Breaking Out' or simply 'the Break'. The break is performed right at the start of the match after the whistle. The referee will start a silent countdown from five, and on the whistle thats when the break happens. Here is how to properly perform the break.

Things You Will Need

Paintball gear, a paintball team and a paintball match!

Step 1

Make sure all of your gear is ready. Your marker should be on or have the safety off, and your loader should be filled and ready to go. Be sure every team mate is wearing their mask properly. Double check your pods are filled and securely in place. Position them so the tabs used to open the pods are right where your thumb is when you extract them from your pack.

Step 2

Take off your barrel cover, and point your barrel towards the board. If there is no board available, just point your barrel behind you. Make sure it is pointed below your waist as well. In order to quickly and effectively pull up your marker at the break, crouch low.

Step 3

You can do two things off the break, either you will move or shoot and move (also known as running and gunning). If you plan on shooting off the break, simply crouch low with your marker pointed towards the board and close to your body. Grip it like you normally would, and put the tank near your shoulder so it will be easy to put it right into the shooting position. Practice moving your marker slowly from behind you towards the other side of the field, and find a position and technique that is comfortable for you. If you plan on running off the break, look towards the bunker you want to run to. Get down as low as you can into a similar position that a sprinter takes before a race. Then, raise your marker behind you so the barrel is pointed towards the board.

Step 4

The referee will either count down from three to the game start, or count down to a silent count. This will sound something like '5 seconds in 3, 2, 1... five seconds!'. At this point there is five seconds until the game starts.

Step 5

At the whistle, you will pull your marker up and start shooting at the opponent while moving to a bunker, or sprint to your first bunker without shooting. If you are just running, you can put your hand by your mask lens. A paintball is more likely to bounce off of your hand than your mask.

Step 6

Once you are at your first bunker, the break has been completed and hopefully you made it to your bunkers without getting eliminated.
How the break plays out can determine the outcome of the game. Properly breaking out can eliminate many of the opponents in the first few seconds of the game, giving your team a major advantage. Keep practicing with your team until you master this technique.

Tips & Warnings

Keep your mask on at all times, and be sure to wear proper footwear so you don't slip!