rabbit carrot

When I was a child, my dad would always scold me and say "Carrots are good for you. They improve your eyesight and help you see in the dark."

"Really dad?" I asked with excitement. I hated my glasses.

My dad says back sternly, "That's how Rabbits see in the dark and run away from foxes."

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Of course, my dad came from an older generation and I was a mere 8 year old child. How was I to know that both of us had been caught up in this grand carrot myth? I realized that it was all a hoax when I tried playing the same story on my boyfriend.

"Carrots do! They have vitamins in them which make your eyes better," I insisted.

"No, that was a myth made up in the trenches of WWI to get soldiers to eat the carrot broth."

"Really?" I asked with further excitement.

"That's why the British won," He says proudly.

Trust him to be both patriotic and carrot-hating! So I got onto the internet and did a quick search, discovering that my boyfriend was indeed right! It was a myth created to pull a trick on German intelligence, who believed the British were shooting down their planes due to sperabbits 2cial eyesight from a diet of thousands of carrots.

But people also are saying on the internet about the useful vitamins in Carrots.

So I decided to take this to a higher authority. Wikipedia.

Of course after fruitless searching, I found no answers, so I decided to turn to my doctor as a last resort. When I asked him my question, he laughed at me.

"Carrots don't improve your eyesight, turnips do."

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I knew he was pulling my leg, but as soon as he turned around, I started wondering if he was actually telling the truth and trying to keep a secret. Then I remembered he was Scottish and decided he must like turnips and potatos much more than carrots.

So, is the myth unravelled?

Carrots are healthy no doubt, but I'm just going to pick to my favorite story and stick to it. And that story is, rabbits have better eyesight due to carrots and that's why carrots DO improve your vision.

The end!

If you came here because you like carrots, well, then you're one strange person.