Love is Alive - A Notable Song to Remember

Gary Wright (born in April 26, 1943, New Jersey) is an American musician, best known for his song, "Dream Weaver". His career seems like a roller coaster; there is no definite position in the industry. At certain point, he was on top with a few singles but never maintained his popularity. He started as part of a dynamic duo called Gary and Billy in 1959 then became a member of the shaky band Spooky Tooth in 1967 and after its disbandment in 1974, Wright pursued a solo career. It was only then that his name really made an impact in the world music scene through his album The Dream Weaver with hits like "Dream Weaver" and "Love is Alive" that were included in the Billboard Hot 100 for several weeks.

The smash hit "Love is Alive" appeared in all its sparkling brilliance and reached # 2 for two weeks in music charts. This song was considered as one of the most exceptional records in history with its amazing bizarre synth effects that naturally affect the rest of the keyboardist's catalogue. When you try to listen to the song itself, you will realize how beautiful it was on its technical aspect that blended well with moving lyrics that speaks for itself about Wright's dream of making a name for him in the music industry. Of course, credit goes to the fantastic rendition of Wright.

Part of the song's lyrics goes like this:

Well, I think it's time to get ready
To realize just what I have found
I have lived only half of what I am
It's all clear to me now

My heart is on fire
My soul's like a wheel that's turnin'
My love is alive
My love is alive, ya, ya, ya

This only shows that performing is indeed what Wright wants in his life. After numerous recording stints prior to this, he finally found his niche and realized that he's better off as a solo artist. As indicated in the lyrics, it's pretty obvious that his passion for music is somehow making his life worth living. His burning desire to make it big this time motivates him to fulfill his dream. The phrase "my love is alive" may have different connotations but one thing for sure when it comes to his career, it clearly shows that despite of his previous failed musical endeavors, he's not losing his hope. That is why as the album title suggests, The Dream Weaver, he's definitely into it no matter what it takes as long as his love for music is alive and will carry him throughout his musical journey.

Sound Reviews

Here is what the fans of this song are saying:

As I was pulling out of my depression, "Love is Alive" lifted me out of pain into ultimate joy. God only knows how much this song means to me to this day. Although smaltzy by today's standards, I believe a cover version with reworking of the arrangement could update this great and awesome pop single. Maybe I'm sentimental. Maybe I could be a genius like Gary too. – Paul Rogers,

I love this song!!!First time I heard it was right here on your video post a couple of weeks ago. I was visiting my family and my dad and I are having a beer out back on the porch and he said something about Gary Wright. My dad is old fashioned and had never heard about youtube, so we typed it up on youtube and your post come up, we played it and jammed out on the back porch of his house listening to this we spent the night having many beers, looking at different music videos and having a ball – Freakshow6977, YouTube

I watch clips like this and am fascinated just how much music of the 70s I took for granted. I grew up during that decade and brilliant songs like this seemed like a dime a dozen on the radio in those days. – arkady714, YouTube

Other Versions

Because of the song's popularity, some singers recorded their own version of this song. Chaka Khan had her cover version of "Love is Alive" in 1984 which was re-titled "My Love is Alive" as part of her album I Feel for You. Joan Osborne also recorded the song with minor revisions on the lyrics which was included in her album Righteous Love and released it in September 12, 2000. On March 7, 2001, American pop singer Anastacia released an album Not That Kind that also included her own rendition of the song "Love is Alive".

But more than anybody else, Gary Wright has the right to revive his own song. He too had also an updated version of the song featuring his son Dorian. This was part of his four-song album The Light of a Million Suns which was released in December 18, 2008. Knowing that his son has a great voice too like him, he decided to do a new version of the song with his son. And according to him, "people have to hear this."

With the way the song was accepted by listeners, no doubt it was a big hit that already made a mark in the industry. This is simply because of the three elements combined in the song itself. First, the genre which is truly a groundbreaking type of music that time. It deviated from the contemporary music which is kind a risky but it was still adapted by the listening public. Second, the meaningful lyrics that tackles about realizations, hesitations, and revelations in life as well as the main point of the song which is the universal theme – love – that has a lot of applications depending on the situation you are into.

Third and the most crucial of all is the soulful interpretation of Gary Wright. He impressively nailed the emotion and depth required by the song. His moving performance has greatly added to the song's marketability. Hence, many are enticed to listen to the song. The revivals made by other singers are genuine testament that "Love is Alive" is one great classic music.