Car accidents often result to injuries and/or property damages. If you were involved in it, the only way to be compensated for your losses is by suing the other driver. You should not hesitate to take legal action and be prepared to undergo the procedures that are involved in litigation.

These four FAQs on car accidents will help you deal with them and understand the issues that you will likely face when suing the other driver:

Q: Do I need to call 911 after a car accident happens?

A: Yes. You should immediately call 911 after a car accident occurs in order to acquire police assistance. Authorities will look at the accident area to determine the cause of the accident, check if you and the other driver are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and talk to the people who have seen the crash.

If you are planning to file a case against the driver, a police report will enable you to show that the incident happened because he violated traffic rules.

Q: Am I required to seek medical assistance, though it appears that I was not seriously injured in the accident?

A: You are not required to consult your doctor after an accident happens, but doing so is an advantage on your part because some injuries are not seen by the naked eye. This means you may be suffering from injuries which you have no knowledge of. Remember, some injuries can only become apparent within 12-24 hours after the crash happened.

It is advisable that you acquire medical help even if you are just feeling a little pain because it may be a symptom of a serious injury.

Aside from health purposes, going to your doctor after an accident occurs will also increase your chances of winning the case or acquiring a high amount of settlement pay.

Q: Do I need to seek legal help if I am planning to file a case against the other driver?

A: It is the advisable thing to do. A Los Angeles car accident lawyer will help represent you during court proceedings and settlement talks to enable you to recover monetary damages from the driver at fault.

Q: Should I get the contact information of the other driver?

A: Yes. After an accident happens, you should talk to the other driver and ask him to give you his name, address, and number. In addition, you should also get his license number and the names of all his passengers.

Aside from talking to the other driver, it is also advisable that you try to locate possible witnesses while you are still at the accident area. Once they leave the area, you might not be able to see them again so it is better if you will talk to them right away.