The DB2 9.7 Application Development certification comes from the company that is number 1 in the field of I.T. and that is none other than IBM. The competition has increased with the increase in the number of companies that are providing new and nominal products to the customers. Therefore, there are more and more people looking to jump into the same profession. The Information Technology is one such field and IBM is one such company that satisfies its customers. The purpose of this certification is that the professional should be able to develop certain sets of skills and abilities in order to provide successful design, the build, execution and delivery of DB29.7 database applications. The professional should have good amount of experience either in intermediate or advanced level of abilities for working with DB2 database. This would mean that this professional has very good skills in DB2 SQL and also with the application development concepts of database. The certification DB2 9.7 Application Development has the examination code of 000-543. You would need to make sure that you work hard and look to increase your knowledge theoretically and also practically. The examination would require you to score a minimum of 60% in order to get the certification. The number of questions that are asked in the examination are 60 and you would have to complete them in 90 minutes i.e. 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can also go for the training programs offered by the IBM company and they would not consume too much of your time. The training program is of maximum 4 days and you can have great experience. The professionals who do not have too much of time to alot in classes they can opt for study over the internet or self paced programs. This 000-543 certification would be a big leap in your career.