+ Daniel Craig still makes an awesome James Bond


- Weak plot
- Underwhelming villain
- Generic seeking-revenge type
- Missing many nuances that make James Bond movies unique.

Full Review

It's hard to walk out of this movie with a clear opinion it. There was action, there was drama, and Daniel Craig still makes a great James Bond. But, after your friend asks you what you thought of the movie, you find it hard to come up with the right words.

The problem is that we can't help but feel that Quantum of Solace, directed by Marc Forster, isn't a Bond movie. The movie takes place right after Casino Royale to continue Bond's quest for revenge and thrusts us into a car chase scene (with cinematography that could induce a seizure) that has been done many times over. The rest of the movie that follows also has been done many times over too but without all the details that make the Bond films unique. There are no gadgets and shaken martinis. Moneypenny is gone. Q is gone. Our Bond girl is replaced with a plain-Jane named Camille, also seeking revenge. All that's left is a rehash of other genres meshed together that fails to take an identity of its own.

The worst part are the motives of our main villain Dominic Greene, played by Mathieu Amalric. Almaric has a creepy presence that could have worked out very well for the film, but the script does not give him a chance. You see, Greene is part of an organization that is looking to take over the superpower country that is...Bolivia. How does he plan to do it? By taking over Bolivia's...water supply. How will he carry out such a plan? Not with a giant satellite mirror that can harness the power of the sun, or a giant laser on the moon, but by...threatening the dictator of Bolivia. Wow... The only thing keeping this movie together was Daniel Craig himself and his gritty portrayal of 007.

Before we conlude, just as almost every other review points out, the title is just awful. It has no meaning whatsoever, other than it is also the title of a completely irrelevant short story of Ian Flemmings'. Although, they actually did use the word quantum once in the movie, which turns out to be the name of the secret organization that Greene worked for. And as if I need to tell you, "Quantum" is also a terrible name for the organization.

In Closing

Quantum of Solace is part Bond, part Bourne, and part Chuck Norris. All three muddle together to create an average movie with some CGI thrown in. The only saving grace is Daniel Craig as James Bond. Hopefully, the next film contains a script that is worthy of him...and that Marc Forster does not direct it.