Social bookmarking sites are fantastic for getting your articles noticed, and for getting them listed on major search engines much quicker than if you had to submit your articles to these search engines directly. But when undertaking the challenging task of earning a living through Adsense revenue sharing sites, it's not just about promoting content – it's about getting your Adsense ID on as many pages on the internet as possible.

If you don't have a Google Adsense publisher ID and are making money online by being paid directly by a revenue sharing site, it may be time to change your system. A site like Info Barrel forms a great base to publish your articles while guiding you through the process of signing up for your own Adsense account (which means that Google will be sending you a cheque directly). Not only is this suitable for people writing for just about anywhere in the world, it also ensure that by promoting your content you can get a bigger slice of the revenue pie than your revenue sharing site may be offering you.

So how do you get your Adsense ID on more pages than just those of your articles? By promoting your articles on social bookmarking sites that not only help you to increase traffic, but allow you to use your Adsense ID on the pages that contain your links and summaries. Such a site is She Told Me. Like any social bookmarking site, you find content that you like (being the article that you want to promote), you publish a title, a short description (She Told Me requires 200 characters or more) and a link. Members see your contribution, click on the link and hopefully click on one of the Adsense ads that are next to your article that they have been lead to. What makes She Told Me unique is that you can insert your Google Adsense ID into your profile, and adverts linked to this ID will be displayed on the pages containing your shared links as well – ensuring that not only will the pages containing your articles earn you money, but the pages used to promote them will too. What's more, She Told Me offers 100% of the Adsense revenue generated by your contributions.

But that's not all that's great about She Told Me. Like Info Barrel, She Told me supports Chitika – which works in exactly the same way as Google Adsense (and can be used simultaneously on the same page). Sign up for Chitika, and you will have an opportunity to earn both Chitika and Adsense earnings from your articles – and by using both Info Barrel (if this becomes your Adsense revenue sharing site of choice) and She Told Me simultaneously, one article will give you the chance to have 4 revenue earning IDs readily waiting to earn you money on two websites. And this is just one simple method of promoting your freelance writing efforts.

One of the best ways to use She Told Me is as part of the 5 Site Method – which is a simple system incorporating the best site to write for and the best sites to use to promote your content and increase your earnings, while taking as little time as possible.