With the ranks of the unemployed steadily increasing at an alarming rate more and more individuals are looking for ways to earn a part-time or full-time income. Today I'm gonna discuss several 100% legit ways to make money at home. I know there will be doubters but I'm speaking from experience when I tell you that there is money to be made with these methods if you're dedicated and are willing to put in some work.

The very first of these 100% legit ways to make money at home that I'm gonna discuss is by writing online. This is what I'm doing right now and between the three sites and my blog I nearly make enough money to pay all my bills. There are several sites online that are completely honest and pay good money for good writers that bring in internet traffic. This isn't the only way but it's one of the most legit ways to make money at home in bad times. If you wish to sign up to start writing with InfoBarrel then check out the link in this article.

The next thing that I would recommend on this 100% legit ways to make money at home list is by selling online via eBay. It has slowed down some over the years but honestly there is still money to be made on the site. I worked my way through technical school just by selling things online with eBay. If you go out to yard sales, pawn shops and flea markets there are some steals to be found that can be bought and resold for a substantial profit. You would be amazed and how some of the strangest things go for insane prices on auction sites like eBay or Amazon. If you live in a rural area mounted animal heads are a big ticket and something that can be hard to find on eBay.

One final thing I want to mention for the 100% legit ways to make money at home list is by selling old gold jewelry. Right now the price of gold is pretty good and if you can get old gold jewelry for cheap then there are several places out there buying scrap gold that will earn you a good profit on the return. A person can often go out and get some jewelry for real cheap at yard sales and turn around and sell it for scrap to make a profit. This same process can often be done with silver as well just at a lower price.

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