If you've only recently heard of shea butter, then you might want to know that it is one of the most highly used ingredients in cosmetic products. Pure shea butter is known to have quite a few benefits for our skin. You'll often see shea butter found in the best soaps, shampoos, moisturizers, shaving creams, and anti-aging creams. Shea butter comes from west Africa, where its extracted from the nuts of shea trees. The butter comes from the nuts of the tree. Shea butter melts instantly whenever it is absorbed on the body without sticking. 100% organic shea butter is made up mostly of olieic acids(an omega-9 monounsaturated fatty acid), which is an important fat that's known to be found in olive oil as well. Down below learn why organic shea butter contains quite a few skin benefits, and what to look for in shea butter.

What to look for in Shea Butter

Always buy the 100% shea butter that's unrefined if you are looking for the maximum health benefits. Never buy the refined shea butter because that is processed. You want the organic shea butter that's completely pure and contains its original amount of oleic acids, stearic acids, and linoleic acids. The two most common fats are oleic and stearic acids. Overall 100% she butter unrefined should contain about 90% of these fats. Try to read the label of the fatty acid contents to be sure its 100% organic. Unrefined shea butter is made with all fatty acids basically. The fatty acids give shea butter its health benefits. Without the fatty acids it is useless to use. Pure organic shea butter can come in different colors, usually yellowish white being the most common. Also when you store shea butter, you'll want to store it somewhere cool. The fridge isn't a bad place, but avoid storing it near windows, microwaves, or anywhere near heat. Shea butter has an extremely low melting point. It instantly melts in your hand.

Health Benefits of Shea Butter for Skin

Shea butter can be used in treating quite a few skin conditions, along with promoting anti-aging of the skin. 100% shea butter benefits are pretty much endless for skin conditions. It's know to help treat burns, stretch marks, acme, eczema, dry skin, cuts, would, psoriasis, bacteria infections, yeast infections, and skin irritation. One of the key benefits of shea butter is that it makes the skin much softer. A lot of women like to use it as a moisturizer, where as men like to apply on their face before shaving. Shea butter doesn't cause itchy skin. It contains a high amount of vitamin E and A as well. So shea butter should slow down the aging process, prevent skin cancer, and protect the skin against UV lights.

Shea butter benefits hair particularly when it comes to growth. The high amount of fatty acids and vitamins are extremely healthy for the scalp. It you apply unrefined shea butter on your hair daily, then you might be able to grow hair faster and possibly re-grow new hair as well. Shea butter is anti-flammatory and allows healthy hair follicles to grow. Shea butter also will kill bacteria, and prevent free radials from damaging cells. Both women and men should look for shampoos containing shea butter, or at least apply organic shea butter to their scalp. It will soften the hair and revive its original color.

Where to Buy 100% Unrefined Organic Shea Butter

Like I've already mention, if you want to get the maximum benefits of shea butter, then be sure you're purchasing organic shea butter. There are a lot of different organic shea butter products to purchase. Just to name a few; L'Occinitane 100% Pure Shea Butter, and Common Sense Farm Shea Butter are known to be 100% organic. Go to amazon, or ebay, there are plenty of retailers that are selling some of the best shea butter products online. Or you can shop at your local health store, which is very likely to have 100% shea butter in storage.

Buying shea butter shampoos is a little trickier. Because a shampoo is obviously not going to have one ingredient only. You got to factor in quite a few things when it comes to shampoo. You don't necessarily need to purchase a shea butter shampoo for hair. You can also apply the natural butter onto your scalp, leave it there for an hour, then use a quality shampoo to wash it out. If you're treating dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss, then applying the butter directly to the scalp is highly recommended. Amazon, ebay, and buy.com probably have quite a few shea butter shampoos to purchase though. The best ones are combined with other organic ingredients for less scalp irritation.

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