It seems everyone on Infobarrel wants to write 500 articles. Well, why stop there? Double the 500 and write ONE THOUSAND articles. It sounds like an impossible task, and only one IB member has achieved 1000 articles at the time this particular article was written. WriterGuy has written 1,211 articles closely followed by Info_Lover who has written 999 articles. If they can do it, why can't you? It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but it is not impossible to write 1000 articles in a single year.

If you have the time to write every day, than aim for three articles each day. After a year you will have 1,095 articles written. If you type fast and have good spelling and grammar, three articles can easily be written within an hour or so. If you don't have as much time, write two articles a day. You will have 730 articles in a year, which isn't a thousand but it is pretty close. If you have weekends off, spend time writing five or six articles on the weekends or your days off. If you have 40 weekends off in a year, you will have an extra 120 at the end (writing an extra three over your normal articles over the whole weekend). You may have much less or more days off depending on your occupation, but 40 is an easy number to work with and is close to the amount of total weekends in the year.

If you are a busy person during the week - but have weekends off - you can write articles only on your days off. 20 Articles weekend multiplied by the fifty two weekends in an average year is 1040 after 365 days. So you could write ten on saturday and ten on sunday, or twenty on either of the two days and have a day off of writing.

If you dedicate an hour or two of time after supper or before bed each day strictly for writing, you can easily achieve over 1000 articles in a year and get more money rolling in! Keep in mind, it is better to have fewer articles with strong keywords and titles than many articles without keyword use or back links! If you are writing for the money, keep this in mind. If you are writing just for fun, than just keep on writing articles and don't worry who views it or the CTR, although you have to admit the extra money is always nice.