Anyone who is fascinated by laser pointers would love to add the 100mw green laser as a pleasurable addition. However, there are several things you need to be aware of before making your purchase.

The green laser, not like the ones purchased for retail, are extremely dangerous. If you gaze into the laser, you are susceptible to permanent eye damage. To show how powerful this laser is, the beam of light has the potential of causing fires when focused in on one area. It is even possible to immediately melt plastic, light a match and burn paper with this green beam.

Additionally, there are also legal issues to attend to when you make use of the 100mw green laser because of the high beam. There are several different regions that have banned green laser use in this strength. Before any type of purchase, you need to consider the laws in your area in regards to laser use, as the owner must assume any type of responsibility for the laser’s strength and capabilities.

However, there are many benefits when one wants to use the 100mw. The most obvious benefit is how they are used in astrology. The beams strength allows it to be involved with long reach sky viewing. People who generally own one will attest to the “awe” feeling that is associated with owning such a potent laser beam and the capabilities it has when it comes to star gazing.

If you are searching for a 100mw green laser, you have the option of buying two kinds. The first type is called the true green laser, which functions at high capacity all the time. There is no wait period involved and it is always ready for immediate use, therefore, it is the most dangerous. There is more strength and heat associated with the true green 100mw.

The other type of laser is called the common green laser and it is rarely used at its fullest potential, although it is possible. There is a wait period involved as you increase the strength of the beam. This version is much cheaper than the true green 100mw.

You can purchase both of these on the Internet, as it is not legal for retail stores to sell a green laser in this strength and magnitude.