When you play recreational paintball, you can sometimes end up in a less experienced group. Although you could easily bunker all the noobs, it wouldn't be very fun, and it definitely wouldn't be fun for the noob. Here is 100 ways to have fun and challenge yourself when playing paintball.

1. Play without a marker, use a foam sword or your barrel to tag out opponents.

2. Force yourself to move up the field every 10 seconds

3. Dash to the 50 (halfway across the field) right off the break

4. Play Pump

5. (Guys Only) Play without a jersey or shirt

6. (Guys Only) Play with only slider shorts and shoes on. DO NOT play in your underwear, as fun as it sounds it can be very painful, always wear slider shorts

7. Stack the teams against you

8. Play One vs All

9. Don't play with a pod pack, hopper only!

10. Play with 21 paintballs in your hopper

11. Put one or two paintballs in your loader for each opposing team member

12. Sing your favourite song while you play, and try to remember all the words

13. SCREAM!!! whenever you move so they always know where you are

14. Wear neon colours

15. Moonwalk to your bunker while humming 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson

16. Use the worst paint you can find

17. Play only with a pistol

18. Play only with the GOBLIN pistol, it only holds one paintball

19. Play prone the whole game

20. Use a slingshot to sling paint

21. Fog up your goggles before the game, be careful not to fog them completly

22. Shoot only with your non-dominant hand

23. Do not run at all, walk everywhere.

24. Use a rental such as a Tippmann 98

25. Use a magazine fed marker

26. Cap your semi below 5 bps

27. Cap your ramp under 5 bps

28. Run for the flag off the break

29. Try and have a decent conversation with the ref while you snap shoot

30. Crouch the whole game

31. Do not come out of a bunker in one place more than once in a game

32. Do not bring any paint onto the field

33. Do not use a hopper

34. Use a gravity fed hopper

35. Play a position you don't usually play

36. Pretend you are in a video game and move your marker everywhere you look

37. Keep your pods half full, so you have to be super sneaky to not give away your position

38. Only use paint grenades

39. Only take one shot at an opponent, then move on

40. Play stock-class pump (ten round tubes)

41. Do not dive at all

42. Stay upright and stiff the whole game

43. Text your grandma while in mid-game

44. Tell the opposition your game plan before the break

45. If you have a weakness (ex can't shoot with left hand) play using that weakness (ex only shooting with your left hand)

46. Play with "Drunk Goggles" on. This does not mean drink alcohol while playing!

47. If you find an enemy player, let someone else take the shot by communicating where the opposition is

48. Use hand signals for everything

49. Try to be agg

50. Use a really loud marker or loader

51. Use a shorter barrel than normal

52. Have a ref tip the opposition off of your location now and then

53. Climb a tree (field rules permitting) and play from there

54. Don't take off your barrel sock until you reach your first bunker

55. Hide behind very small bunkers

56. Give the other team a better angle on you, and try and win a gun fight

57. Spread your gear across the field and run to get the different parts after the whistle without getting hit

58. Play your least favourite field and try to make it your favourite

59. If you play speedball play a woodsball course, and vice versa

60. Fire once every ten seconds only

61. Do not use bunkers

62. Before the break, choose one or two other players on the other team. Make it your personal goal to seek out and eliminate ONLY those players.

63. Hip Shoot the entire game

64. Use only a singe finger to pull the trigger if you have an electronic marker

65. Play in the snow

66. Play in the rain

67. Take risks

68. Crawl through mud and bushes

69. Run through open areas to get to a key position without hesitating

70. Don't make any game plan until the game has actually started

71. Make split-second decisions. Don't hesitate in anything during play.

72. Shoot more paint than usual (unless you are playing with less experienced players)

73. Try jumping over lanes instead of diving under them. This rarely works but is really fun.

74. Keep your marker up all game long

75. Try to be a ninja

76. Wear restrictive clothing so you don't have full range of motion with your arms and legs. This includes mascot suits

77. Hold your marker like a new player would, tank above or under your shoulder

78. Put flaps on the side of your mask to give yourself tunnel vision

79. Keep your ears under a beanie and headband to restrict hearing

80. Play in the middle of the field

81. Don't use your barrel front

82. Chrono your marker under 200 fps

83. Be as aggressive as you can be

84. (Not for use with new players) Perform a run through every game or whenever possible

85. Run and gun off the break if you don't usually

86. Try and get to the other teams 'spawn point' without them noticing and take them form behind

87. Perform a one-man flank

88. Look up some techniques on the internet and put them all into action at once in a game

89. Don't listen to your teammates, keep yourself unaware of what is going on and try to figure it out yourself

90. Put your pods back in your pod pack

91. Do not move from the break point

92. Run all the way into enemy territory off the break

93. Adjust your trigger so it is difficult to walk

94. Never move back

95. Use a funky tinted lens that makes everything a specific colour

96. Dual wield

97. No shooting, barrel tag only

98. Reload so you don't lose a single paintball

99. Take a group of new players with you

100. Just have as much fun as you can