Easter GiftsSpring is a great time of year, a time of new beginnings, and of coarse Easter. Easter morning brings baskets filled with gifts, candy, and exciting surprises especially for kids! Easter baskets for kids, tweens and teens are tons of fun to create and even more fun to wake up to on Easter morning! When creating a Easter basket for your little one it is a great idea to add items that they will find exciting and fun. One way to do this is to come up with a theme that suits them, such as a "beach theme" for kids or "spa" theme for teens.

Easter basket gifts ideas will vary depending on age, gender, interests, etc. However, the options are many when it comes to deciding on what to fill those baskets with. After a few years of coming up with your own Easter basket gift ideas you may be in search of some fresh, creative options. So if you are looking for a few Easter basket gift ideas for kids, tweens, and teens here are over 100 ideas to get you started.

Swim Suits

Beach Towels

Beach Toys

Personalized Beach Bag

Swimming Goggles

Inflatable Pool Toys

Diving Pool Toys

Beach Ball

Build-a-Bear Gift Certificates

Stuffed Animals, Springtime-Bunny, Chick, Duck, etc…


Coloring Books

Washable Markers




Childrens Bible


Ty Beanie Babies


Drawing Kit

Playing Cards

Uno Cards

Flash Cards

Bubble Bath

Jump Rope

Sidewalk Chalk

Magnetic Letters


Musical Instruments: Play flute, harmonica, tambourine, etc…


Rubik's Cube



Finger Paints

Little Bouncy Balls

Water Balloons

Toy Water Squirters

Travel sized games such as "connect four" or "battleship"



Video Games

DS Games




Baseball Glove

Glow In The Dark Stars



Colored Pencil's

Play Money


Bath Toys

Computer Games

Littlest Pet Shop Figures

Cute Lunchbox

Mini Etch-a-Sketch

Kids "Character" Flashlights

Misc. School Supplies-Rulers, Scissors, paper Clips, Mini stapler, etc...

Glitter Glue

Glue Sticks

Bicycle Lock


Sandals-Flip Flops

Book Marks




Zhu-Zhu Pets


Toy Cars-Trucks

Little Wallet

Army Figures

Money Clip

Action Figures

Lego Kits

Comic Books

Baseball Cards

Creepy, Crawly, Rubber Insects

Laser Pointer


Nail Polish

Hair bows, ties, clips

Little Smell Good Lotions


Spring Dresses

Brush, Comb set in their favorite color

Barbie and or Barbie Clothes

Make-up Brushes for Play


Lip Balm scented or character high school musical etc

Little Coin Purse

Body Glitter

Tween -Teen

Ipod-Mp3 Player

Cell Phone

Cell Phone Case

Magazine and Subscription


Make-up Brushes

Compact Mirror

Gift Cards

Movie Tickets

Sports Tickets

Concert Tickets


Water Rafts

Swim Bag

Day Planner

Golf Balls-Gloves

Body Spray


Decorative Cross

Scented Soaps


Locker Lock

Picture Frames

Nail Care Kit

Sun Block-Sun Tan Lotion

Hacky Sack

Water Bottles


One of the reasons Easter baskets are so much fun to make for kids, tweens, and teens is because you have the option of doing "themed" baskets as discussed earlier. The options are endless and be tailored to the age and interests of the specific child.

Easter basket gifts for kids, teens, tweens, and even adults can be picked up almost anywhere. Additionally, there are always misc. small item's in the dollar section of retail stores and also on the shelves of check out stands that could be added as fillers for Easter basket gifts. It is also a great idea to stock up on little items throughout the year that can be added as smaller gifts to your child's Easter basket. Anytime you see a cute little item, pick it up and store it away for an Easter basket gift.

Once you have decided on gift items for the basket surround the Easter basket gifts with grass, plastic eggs filled with goodies, and candy or other small items! Try to stick with a theme as discussed or similar colors that way the basket looks well put together. There you have it, simple and easy, the perfect Easter basket for kids, tweens, or teens!

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