Desk Drawer Final Image 100% PhotoshopCredit: Karen Lindeman


Do you love Photoshop but wish you were just a little better at creating with it? Are you tired of having to scour the internet to find that perfect image to base your design on? 

Look no further! Freelance artist and author Steve Caplin has done it again with one of his most amazing books to date.

100% Photoshop: Create stunning artwork without using any photographs, is a MUST HAVE for your library.

Mr. Caplin walks you through step by step in each part of the book, showing you how to create every image he presents, from start to finish. Each chapter begins with a full spread, color illustration followed with step by step guidance on the full creation of each and every element.

100% Photoshop: Create stunning artwork without using any photographs will also teach you how to properly use many of the tools in Photoshop. If you have been a Photoshop user for years, you may think this would not be beneficial to you but on the other hand, if you are like me, you will find yourself, with a few "aha!" moments as you work your way through the book learning new and better ways to use the tools within Photoshop.

There is something to learn for everyone in this book whether you are a newcomer to Photoshop or a seasoned Pro.

Just think, what could YOU create, if you could create anything in Photoshop without using external images or files? The opportunities are endless! 

In this article, I am going to show you with images how easy it is to follow along with Mr. Caplin to create a desk drawer filled with items and completed 100% using only Photoshop. All of the images you are about to see were created step by step using the book  100% Photoshop: Create stunning artwork without using any photographs . 

Let's get started. First we create a simple wood grain image.

Wood Image, The Beginning Of It AllCredit: Karen Lindeman

Next, using part of this wood image, we create the desk drawer and table top.

Desk Drawer Beginning ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Pieces of the original wood image are used and turned in different ways along with some shading to create the final table top and drawer you see below.

Desk Drawer Final ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Next we will create the iPod Nano, again, using only Photoshop.

 Ipod Nano Beginning ImageCredit: Karen LindemanIpod Nano Midway ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman











This actually started as a gray rectangle with rounded corners, below you have the final image. (The image on the screen of the iPod was taken with a camera for another project and I included it here just for illustration purposes.)

Final Image Of IPod NanoCredit: Karen Lindeman

Next we will complete the ruler. The ruler also begins as a gray rectangle with rounded corners and then we once again make use of the original wood image.

Beginning Ruler ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Final Ruler ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Now for the pocket watch. This image was a little more detailed and time-consuming but I thought it turned out fairly well, and it all started with a gray circle!

Pocket Watch Next StepsCredit: Karen Lindeman

Pocket Watch Beginning ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman  Pocket Watch Almost ThereCredit: Karen Lindeman

Final Pocket Watch ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Next we'll create the pencil, starting with gray rectangles and ellipses, changing the color and duplicating layers.

Beginning Pencil ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Mid Stage Pencil ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Final Pencil ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman



Now we go on to create the paperclips. The paperclips begin with a simple stroked circle, cut in half and then joined.

Beginning Paperclip ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Final Paperclip ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Next let's create the movie theater ticket and then the rubber bands.

Movie Theater TicketCredit: Karen Lindeman Rubber Band Image

The rubber bands were created with a simple path and some style/shading.

Let's throw in a magnifying glass, a deck of cards and a handwritten letter.

Magnifying Glass Beginning ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Deck of Cards Final ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman Handwritten Letter Final ImageCredit: Karen Lindeman

Now let's put it all together, add some shadows and shading, a little color for the ashtray, and here is the final image, created 100% from scratch.

Desk Drawer Final Image 100% PhotoshopCredit: Karen Lindeman

 If you are looking for a thoroughly enjoyable way to begin learning Photoshop or to brush up on your Photoshop skills, this is the book for you. I can honestly say that I have gotten every penny's worth of my money from this book and then some. 

Great job Steve Caplin, keep those Photoshop books coming!




100% Photoshop: Create stunning artwork without using any photographs
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