So Many Uses, Such a Cheap Compound

Hydrogen Peroxide Background

Hydrogen Peroxide is a water molecule with an extra oxygen atom.  Although it is now rarely found in modern cities, mostly due to contamination, it is readily available elsewhere, especially in rain (if it is a thunderstorm, even better) snow, oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers and natural spring waters. In order to better understand the origin of this wondrous chemical compound, one has to start at our ozone layer, chemically known as the unstable O3. 

In the stratosphere, ozone protects the Earth from harmful Sun rays up to 99.5%.  In the presence of the moisture that arises from Earth, some of this ozone falls, loses a molecule, making it O2, merges with the abundant H2 (hydrogen gas), and forms H2O2.

As it falls further onto Earth in the form of rain, its oxygen particle loses another atom.  So in rain and water bodies in general there are water and hydrogen peroxide molecules present in no particular proportion, but available.

H2O2 was first discovered in France by chemist Louis-Jacques Thenard in 1818.  He achieved this by mixing barium peroxide with nitric acid.  His method for creating Hydrogen Peroxide became widely used during the 19th century since there was little knowledge that this component was already created by Earth's natural processes of evaporation and condensation.

By the 1920s, it was the first choice of both German and American doctors in attacking the flu virus.

In its dry form, Hydrogen Peroxide becomes Sodium Percarbonate, used among other things to make beer.  Sodium Percarbonate is the same as Sodium Carbonate and Hydrogen Peroxide. Sodium Carbonate is the main ingredient in leading cleaning brands like Ajax, Scrubbing Bubbles, Gain Ultra, Clorox 2, and many other oxygen-release cleaners.

Our Best Ally Against Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi

The Secret is in the Free Radicals

The real or technical name for Hydrogen Peroxide is Hydrogen Dioxide, for its two atoms of oxygen.  H2O2 is classified in accordance with its concentration percentages, or grades.  Unless otherwise noted, the remedies here assume a 3% solution.  Hydrogen Peroxide comes in the following grades: 3%, 6%, 30%, 35%, 90% and 99.6%, lab created particularly for rocket propulsion.

1) H2O2 serves best for water sanitation- Due to its environmental friendly qualities, Hydrogen Peroxide is the safest choice as water treatment for cities sewer and public water systems.

2) Is a mild antiseptic- Safe and effective H2O2 is the

3) Is a gentle yet effective disinfectant agent.

4) Enables oxygen absorption.

5) Destroys Escherichia Coli.

6) Is an effective douche- Mix six tablespoons of 3% of H2O2 to a quart of distilled water.

7) Is the best ingredient in any foot soak.

8) Works best as a mouthwash- Most commercial brands mouthwash have Hydrogen Peroxide as their main ingredient.

9) Nasal Spray.

10) Watering Plants- Take an ounce per one quart of distilled water and watch them thrive and bloom.

Hydrogen Peroxide for the House and Your Nose

A simple remedy to both kitchen countertops and sinusitis!

11) Kitchen disinfectant.

12) Skunk odor remover.

13) Removes mildew.

14) Purifies water in swimming pools.

15) Diluted with distilled water 50/50, use it as a spray to get rid of pests and weeds.

16) Earwax removal extraordinare.

17) Relief sore throat when used as a gargle.

18) Whitens your teeth.

19) Out of toothpaste? Try a paste made of H2O2 and baking soda, add some peppermint for taste.

20) Awesome stain remover.

Hydrogen Peroxide is Preferred by Hospitals

Is also part of any basic beauty regime as it removes dry skin spots

21) Toilet bowl cleaner.

22) Hospital's first choice for cleaning germs.

23) Rids toothbrush of harmful bacteria-  Immerse your toothbrush in 50/50 solution of Hydrogen Peroxide and distilled water to eliminate any lingering bacteria. Put those bubbles to work!

24) Kills fingernails and toenails fungi.

25) Eliminates dry skin spots.

26) Induces vomiting in pets, in case they have swallowed a toxic substance. This is one of the reason official media advice against internal use.  H2O2 supporters recommend always diluting at least 50/50 before consumption.  Check with your doctor.

27) Helps against fungi on fish-  Classified safe for aquariums by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).

28) Removes blood stain of white fabrics.

29) Excellent choice for washing meat, poultry and meat safely.

30) Healthy choice for washing tossed salads.

Hydrogen Peroxide Beats Bleach Hands Down

Whenever it rains, Nature sends a H2O2 message, are we listening?

31) Keeps coils clean.

32) Great for steamers.

33) Use instead of bleach, is safer and less toxic- We put our health at risk by washing our clothes with bleach, or chlorine, a top cancer causing agent.  Chlorine is also linked to coronary disease.  The reason the government uses chlorine to treat water systems is not because is the best choice, is because is the cheapest.  By the way, drinking tap water, or chlorinated water "increases the chance of being afflicted with cancer by 93%". (Dr. Joseph Price, Medical College of Wisconsin research team).

34) Works miracles at sprouting seeds.

35) Considered the world's most effective sanitizer.

36) Use 3% to rinse toothache away as you get ready to head on to the doctor.

37) Helps against skin infections.

38) Lighten your hair by spraying a 50/50 mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide with distilled water right after shower and style.

39) Speeds up healing of wounds.

40) Gets rid of salmonella from your cutting board.

Wish to Slow Your Aging Process? Look No Further!

41) Removes soap film from skin-  Keep a 50/50 diluted spray handy by your shower and splurge.

42) Relieves yeast infection in a natural way.  It fights against non-oxygen thriving bacteria (bad flora) and fortifies oxygen thriving bacteria (good flora) or Lactobacillum.

43) Every cell in your body benefits from H2O2 because it enables oxygen consumption.

44) Improves digestion.

45) Promotes better blood circulation.

46) Strengthens immune system.

47) Increases cellular function.

48) Slows aging process, due to its free radicals.

49) Vitamin C helps in fighting infections because it produces H2O2.

50) Vaginitis and other bladder infections stop in the presence of H2O2.

The Key to a Healthy Body is Oxygenation

Oxygen Deprivation is the Main Cause of Sickness

Antibiotics destroy beneficial oxygen-creating bacteria in the intestinal tract, which is the main cause for them causing diarrhea, especially in infants.  Common ailments are due to oxygen starvation.

51) Harmful bacteria do not strive in well oxygenated environments. Friendly bacteria do.  That is why H2O2 is the best choice for promoting vaginal natural flora.

52) H2O2 regulates the amount of oxygen your body gets.

53) Is vital for the production of thyroid and sexual hormones.

54) Improves glucose utilization in diabetics.

55) Is a great wart and Herpex Simplex deterrent.

56) A natural and effective way to get rid of unwanted acne.

57) Excellent for cuts and scrapes, and it doesn't sting.

58) The secret ingredient for the best compost pails.

59) Great for washing windows.

60) H2O2 is the top choice for cleaning contact lenses.

Sugar and Cancer

What does H2O2 has to do with it?

19th Century Ad for Hydrogen Peroxide

Cancer cells breakdown glucose without oxygen, yielding to a very small fraction of energy, or 1/15 per glucose molecule.  This is the main reason why does that eat too much sugar, or drink sugary beverages, like sodas, are at a higher risk of developing cancer.

Hydrogen Peroxide as a Cure for Cancer

The American Cancer Society and the FDA media battle against this natural solution

61) Use Hydrogen Peroxide to sanitize public drinking fountains, avoid Trenchmouth disease.

62) Scholars and institutes like the Independent Cancer Research vouch for its effectiveness in helping newly diagnosed cancer patients by getting enough H2O2 in their cancer cells.  The American Cancer Society (ACS) kindly denies it and the Food and Drug Administration does not approve of the intravenous protocol.

In fact the ACS goes further into warning that Hydrogen Peroxide as related to fatal cases of patients that underwent oxygen therapies.  The site promotes the theory of Hydrogen Peroxide as a cure for cancer as unfounded, and in some cases, even fraudulent. 

Several investigations and non-sponsored research contradict the American Cancer Society position about Hydrogen Peroxide as a cure for cancer, like the ones published in the book The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies: "Hydrogen Peroxide was able to kill more than 90 percent of P338 lymphoma cells". [2329]

63) H2O2 baths help boost your body oxygenation and holistic well-being.

64) Hydrogen Peroxide is  used as an anthrax decontaminant.

65) It attacks harmful organism without any reported damage to the environment.

66) Use six tablespoons to one quart of distilled water as an enema.

67) Use one pint to five gallons as a colonic.

68) Increases livestock milk production by 20%.

69) Attacks and prevents gum disease.

70) Proven effective against gangrene.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Ailments included here assume H2O2 taken internally

Independent physicians agree that IV H2O2 is effective against:

71)  Parkinson disease- Some patients report benefits from Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

72) Prostatitis (a prostate gland inflammation) still officialy unrelated to prostate cancer (development of malignal tumors), which is second to skin cancer as the most common cause death in men. An estimated 33,720 died of prostate cancer in 2011.

73) Type II Diabetes.

74) Headaches.

75) Arrhytmia.

76) HIV.  Official studies do not sustain Hydrogen Peroxide success against HIV virus, although several reports and independent research concludes that the virus that causes HIV cannot strive against the oxygen release environment that Hydrogen Peroxide promotes

The H2O2 used internally is 35% food grade.  This does not constitute medical advice and you are urged to consult with your physician before starting any invasive regime or treatment of this nature.

Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy

Why Pay More When Nature Provides?

Better, safer and cheaper than national brands for everything, from removing stains to window cleaning

77) Hydrogen Peroxide 29% grade preserves fresh cut flowers.

78) Clean mirrors and glasses leaving no smears

79) Commercial grade H2O2 is commonly used as rocket fuel.

80) Removes red wine and blood stain from carpet (diluted 50/50).

Not Only a Cure for Cancer, but Stupidity

Research shows main cause of brain damage is low oxygenation

81) Cures sarcoptic and demodectic mange.

82) Its oxygenation properties allows it to kill viruses and other pathogens

83) Tap water is very low in oxygen.  It is also loaded with chlorine. Use H2O2 diluted with distilled water for your drinking and cooking.  (Keep in mind that this refers to the 3% solution available at any drugstore).

84) Hydrogen peroxide might cure stupidity.  Some people could be suffering from slight brain damage due to oxygen depletion or hypoxia.  Symptoms of hypoxia are: tiredness, depression, irritability and poor judgment.

85) It may cure alcoholism.  Some former alcoholics report losing interest in alcohol after undergoing Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy.

86) H2O2 is  found in honey, a super food.

87) Hydrogen Peroxide is known as a peroxy compound, when mixed with distilled water, will act as a biocide and an antimicrobial.

88) At the industrial level, serves  in landfills, oil refining, composting, food processing, mining and in municipal wastewater treatments.

89) H2O2 controls the spread of Staphylococcus aureus.

90) Assists in coughing up cigarette tars.

There Are No Real Commercial Gains in H2O2

...maybe that is why some count on most ignoring this information

91) Kills mites and gets rid of infection with periodic applications.

92) Relieves sinus pain and nasal congestion.

93) If your house is victim of mold, ask your cleaning specialist to include H2O2 as a deterrent.

Hydrogen Peroxide fights:

94) Periodontal disease and gingivitis.

95) Anemia.

96) Multiple Sclerosis.

97) Shingles.

98) Lupus.

99) Chronic pain.

100) Epstein-Bar infection.

101) Rheumatoid arthritis.

Did I Say Cheap?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a cheap and effective remedy!

It is cheap and effective, so stock up on this great remedy.  H2O2 costs about a dollar per bottle. After all these reported benefits, it is odd that more don't head out to get a bundle!

Trivia: Why do they package H2O2 in those brown-dark plastic bottles? 

Hydrogen Peroxide is a highly reactive compound so, to avoid sunlight to interact with it while it waits for you, they pack it in a dark container.  Plastic is the preferred medium as it proves to preserve its chemical combination.

It is also expressed chemically as HOOH.