April 15th is right around the corner, so I've decided to research for my own sake and for yours the 1099 write offs there are for bloggers and freelance writers like myself. After all, I'd like to keep as much of my newfound income as possible!

Please note that you will need to estimate how much of the following items are used for personal use versus business use. It's helpful to come up with a percentage.

  • Paypal Fees: At the end of the year, print out your paypal account summary and highlight all of the fees you have paid.
  • Website Hosting and Domain Costs:
  • Writing/Blogging Conferences: Did you go to BlogWorld Expo or Blissdom? All travel, application, and conference fees are deductible.
  • Office Supplies and Furniture:
  • Postage: All snail mail used for business purposes, plus the envelopes are deductible.
  • Computers and other Hardware: If you use your computer or laptop primarily for business purposes, you can deduct some or all of its cost (and you have purchased it within this year). Same goes for your digital camera you use to take photos for blogs and articles.
  • Books and Magazine Subscriptions: These must be related to your industry.
  • Headshots: If you have your headshot professionally done (like mine!) to use on your website or for potential clients, deduct your expenses.
  • Software: Graphics Art Software, Quicken, etc. to track your business or help you create? Deduct away.
  • Mileage: You can deduct your mileage from meeting up with potential or current clients and bosses. Do you have to travel for articles? You can deduct a percentage of that mileage as well.
  • Part of Your Mortgage, Insurance, and Utilities: You can take a home office deduction if you have a home office. You will need to know what square footage your office is versus the rest of the square footage of your house. This will be used to come up with a percentage that you can deduct of your utilities, insurance and mortgage.
  • Business Cards and Other Promotional Materials
  • Meetings at a Coffee Shop: You can deduct some of the cost of your lattes and food if you meet with clients or other business people.
  • Virtual Assistants, Graphic Artists Fees, Etc.: Has anyone worked on your blog in the last year or perhaps designed an eBook cover for you? Make sure to deduct the costs of their services.
  • Supplies and furniture used exclusively for your business are deductible.