Shopping Trolley
Credit: PublicDomainPictures


Groceries, something that must be done but often dreaded. After recently reading an article about finding things to write about, telling everyone to take notice of what is around them, I sat and thought. Thought about places I go, things I do, things I hate doing. Then it came to me, Grocery shopping.

We have this love hate relationship. I actually don’t mind doing the groceries, it kind of sparks me to feel spicy or creative with all the potential meals I could make, but there are so many things that I find annoying whilst doing them.

1. The Chinwaggers – The men and women, although I would have to say it’s 99% women, that decide groceries is the perfect place to stop in the middle of the aisle for the long overdue catch up’s. “Move out of the middle!”

2. Missing Price Tags – You grab something from the shelf where there are about 40 of the exact same things all stacked up and put it in your trolley. Head up to the register only to realise that you have picked the one item from the 40 stacked on the shelves that doesn’t have a price tag. So you wait…wait for them to call the service assistant who has to come all the way up, see your item, go and find it and them come all the way back up to give you the price and barcode. Most cases it takes that long you end up doing it yourself or leaving the product behind.

3. Too Short – Everything you want is on the highest shelf possible. There’s no way to reach it without a step and there is no staff around. So you have to either forget about the product or go in search of help. “Short people do groceries to!”

4. Take a number – You’re at the deli section and are about to get your cold meats such as Ham and Salami. You take your number, wait in line and then finally it’s your turn. You start of by ordering 300grams of Salami, 300grams of Ham, half a kilo of Cheerio’s and still have a couple more things to get after she gets the first three items. You start to feel the impatience of the other customers, tapping their feet and sighing because you have such a big order. “Hey I took a number and waited in line to buddy!”

5. The In Out In Out – After years of doing groceries I have finally labelled it as exercise. Not a hard workout of course, but still a mission. First you put your groceries IN the trolley. Then you get to the register and pull them OUT of the trolley. The checkout operation scans them and you put them back IN your trolley. Pay for the groceries, head to your car, pull them back OUT of the trolley and put them IN your car. Drive home, unlock the door and have to pull the groceries OUT of the boot and take them IN the house. Pull the items OUT of the bags and put them IN the cupboards. That is why I call this the In Out In Out theory, and with a large family and the amount of groceries you have to buy can be quite an effort. “Puff Puff, there is my exercise for the day”.

6. Change – I don’t mind people using change, I myself am a big believer of every cent counts but when you have large amounts of it saved up that is what banks are for not grocery stores. I hate it when you get to the register and the person in front of you has a massive amount of change they have been saving up and are paying for their groceries with it. They start adding it up. 5cents, 20cents, 1 dollar, 20cents, 50cents, 2 dollars, 5cents, 10cents...and it goes on until finally they have counted up enough to pay for their groceries. “Omg! Why didn’t you go to the bank first instead of paying for your 50 dollars’ worth of groceries in basically silver?”

7. Same thing different week – Ever feel like you could do your groceries with your eyes shut? Although the store has different foods you still end buying the same thing each week. Every grocery day I walk down the aisles looking for ideas for different things to buy, make a new and improved meal and yet I come up with nothing. No I wouldn’t eat that, don’t even know what that is, no one would eat that if I cooked it, wouldn’t be able to cook that if I tried, and just plain yuck. “Story of my life”.

8. Finding an Assistant – How many times have you left your trolley in search of an assistant, to either not find one at all, or find one who is either not able to help at all or just points and says “yeh it’s over there” and points to one side of the store. Sometimes if you are really lucky and get a nice one, they will either walk you to the product you are searching for or will find another assistant to help you. It is most story policy to do that, but like I said, it only occurs when you are lucky. “Ok thanks, I now know the item I want is on the left side of the store…”

9. All out – You’ve been a good shopper and pre-planned your meals; it is highly suggested to do this to help save money in groceries so you don’t just chuck anything and everything in your trolley. You get to the item you need and they are all out. Great! Now your back to square one and can’t make that meal, back to aisle one and the drawing board you go.

10. Children – Last but definitely not least. Everyone loves shopping with children…Not! Most children hate grocery shopping that’s why they are sometimes naughty. They get bored, and it takes too long with them having nothing to do but annoy you and make the shopping experience more “enjoyable”. What they don’t seem to realise is, the more they run up and down the aisle, put anything they can reach into the trolley, knock stuff of the shelves and swing on the trolley; that they are the ones who usually make the groceries take twice as long. “Mum can we have this? What about this? Oh no no, can I have this one?"