When assembling, an artificial Christmas tree with hinged branches consumes you far less time than one with hooked branches. Though you may really enjoy the process of assembling your tree every year, I would not want you to spend too much time on branches assembly.

2. Christmas tree branches profile for hanging ornaments

If you enjoy having plenty of the Christmas ornaments hanging on your artifi ci a l Christmas tree, the branches of your tree should be widely-spaced and of irregular profile so t hat t he ornaments will not be cramped together.

Numerous ornaments

3. Not clearly visible central pole

The central pole should not be clearly visible as it will lower the aesthetic value of an Ch ristmas tree. Though for most artificial Christmas trees, you would not see the central pole from most angles, it is still a possible case for some poorly-made artificial trees.

4. Christmas tree stand with rubber wrapping

To avoid scratching your cherished floor, you should look for a Christmas tree stand with rubber wrapping so that when you are moving the artificial Christmas tree from one spot to another to find out the best location for your it, your floor will not be scratched.


Strong and sturdy Christmas tree stand

The Christmas tree stand has to be ma de of quality metal which is strong and sturdy enough to hold your artificial Christmas tree steadily so it will be safe to have it in your house. And a foldable Christmas tree stand would not only save time for assembly but also save space for storage.

6. Height of the Christmas tree

If you are going to have a tree topper, you should leave at least six inches between your tree top and the ceiling so there will be enough space for you to place your beautiful tree topper.

Christmas lights

7. Twist proof bulbs for Christmas tree lights

The bulbs should be twist proof so they will not drop easily. And the Christmas tree lights should remain illuminated even when one of the bulbs goes out so you will not let one bulb ruin your Christmas mood.

8. Color of Christmas tree lights

To enhance the color of your Christmas tree lights, you should choose an artificial Christmas tree that is of complement color to your chosen lights. For instance, if you opt to have Christmas tree lights with clear color, a darker color artificial Christmas tree works best for you. If you are going to have multi-color Christmas tree lights, an artificial Christmas tree with light color branches would work well.

9. Pre lit Christmas tree

You may choose a pre lit Christmas tree to free yourself from the hassle of hanging and untangling Christmas tree lights before and after the festive season which will save you time as well.

10.Close-up high resolution photos for online shopping

Though you might be able to order sample branches, it would not be possible for you to examine the branches for every artificial Christmas tree on the internet. So you mainly can only see the photos instead of the real trees when shopping online, you should look for sites with close-up high resolution photos to increase your chances of getting a quality artificial Christmas tree.

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