Now that you’ve mapped out a plan, which of course includes getting out of debt and funding your nest egg, you probably need more money to make up for loss time or get you on the road to financial security. The decision to get a second or par-time job may be your best bet if you’re serious about meeting your goals. Thanks to the internet you have many options from which to choose. More employers are shifting in favor of telecommuting and many small companies’s entire operation is internet based. Gone are the days when you had to watch the clock and drive from one employer to another, you can now work comfortably from home, providing a number goods and services.

 Undertaking a second job should not be for the sole purpose of funding your nest egg or getting out of debt, but instead adhering to wisdom “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket” especially in these days of economic instability. As you begin your search for a work-at-home job, bear in mind that among the many legitimate opportunities, there are many frauds and scams, so be constantly on the lookout for these. Read reviews to get the inside scoop, check with the better business bureau, and above all do not give out sensitive information without researching thoroughly.

Here's a list of 10 jobs you can do from home. Some require your home office to be equipped with broadband or DSL connection, a landline telephone and a headset.


Sell Used Merchandise

There's a huge demand for just about any pre-owned merchandise you can find in good condition. With the rising cost of inflation and masses getting poorer, many can only afford used or pre-owned items, and even those who can afford new are re-evaluating their spending habits, choosing rather to forgo the novelty and save. You can start a business selling second-hand merchandise such as: clothing & accessories, electronics, tools, LPs, CDs, books, housewares etc. by finding these inexpensively at garage and rummage sales, outlet and thrift stores. You can sell you finds on Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, Craigslist, or sell privately to collectors looking for rare or unique items.  The key to doing well is staying abreast of demand and trend as well as buying at the right price. In addition, brands, styles, condition, vintage, antiques, what’s genuine and what isn’t are just some of the very important aspects of the business you should know or learn.  


Writing and Proofreading

If you're a talented writer or proofreader; or a combination of both, you can make money from home performing one of even both of these tasks. There are a slew of these opportunities popping up all over the internet, especially within the blogging world.  Of course, finding these jobs will be much easier for those who are experienced writers or proofreaders.  Writing  On the other hand, if you’re a beginner who loves to write and in doubt about your writing capabilities; you can test, showcase and improve your talent by joining writing communities such as Infobarrel, About, E-zine, Hubpages, Squidoo, Textbroker or blogging sites. Read articles and add comments, implore other writers to critique your work. In doing so, you’ll become a better writer, and find many opportunities to earn. According to one writer, she got her break, by being persistent, fluid, and learning from these entrepreneurs. There are many opportunities posted at Odesk, Elance, and


Call Center Representative

Many companies are moving their customer care to call centers; reason being: reducing overhead cost and filling off hour positions or availability. Moreover, they are seeking employees or independent agents who are dedicated to providing excellent customer care at all times, answering support calls,  scheduling appointments, taking orders, administering questionnaires; just to name a few. Pay ranges $8.00-$14.00 per hour.  Phone  Get some inside information before paying any company and bear in mind that some have a non-compete clause. A background check and drug test is usually required. These are just a few of the major companies that hire frequently: Arise, Liveops, Convergys, West Corporation, Alpine Access, Westat, Asurion, and American Express, Working Solutions.



Transcription (Medical)

This involves listening to dictated recordings made by doctors and other health care professionals regarding treatment and patient assessment, and afterwards convert them into medical reports, or correspondences. This is a demanding field and as a result, companies seek experienced applicants with the ability to understand and at all times transcribe with speed and accuracy to ensure high quality patient care and comply with medical records ethical standards.  If you are interested in becoming a medical transcriber, please visit, there is a wealth of information to get you started. Opportunities within this field are in high demand and initial earnings could range from $10-$14 while many experienced transcriptions earn well over $20 per hour. Most companies are looking for experienced medical transcriptionists with specific wpm typing speed.


Transcription General (non-medical)

The demand for general transcription services is also increasing at a rapid rate. As a general transcriber you may be expected to produce verbatim transcripts of speeches, meetings, reports for attorneys, recordings from audio tapes, and possibly subtitles and captions on TV shows. Many of these opportunities are also within the field of criminal justice, law enforcement and social services. Although many companies require experienced individuals, as an entry level transcriber you are more likely to find a job in the general field. Of course qualification varies, but most require an excellent command of the English language or other languages. Some require a minimum wpm typing speed and DSL or broadband connection. Companies such as Quicktate, TranscribeMe, Tigerfish, SpeechInk and Appenscribe hire entry level general transcribers.  Note: Owning your own transcription hardware and software may be a requirement.

Visit for an extensive list of companies that hire entry level and experienced transcribers


Virtual Assistant

An administrative assistant or clerk performs numerous tasks in order for a business to operate effectively and efficiently. These tasks range from answering phones, filing, purchasing office supplies, paying bills, greeting clients, planning meetings, faxing, generating letters, internet research; just to name a few.  Strong computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite is an absolute necessity and the ability to use varied office equipment is essential. A high level of professionalism is required; along with excellent communication skills, accurate spelling, good grammar and strong people skills, are a must. In addition you must be detailed oriented. For an executive assistant the list goes on and on.  In essence, the role of the administrative or clerical assistance is to ensure that that the needs of the managers or executives and specific aspects of the company are met.  Many opportunities are listed on WAHM job boards, Elance, Odesk, Craigslist, VIP Desk, Zirtual, and Guru


Online Tutor

Online tutoring is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Firstly, many students struggling to learn complex subjects or need assistance with homework are utilizing these services and achieving the great results.  Secondly, it’s a convenient and cost effective means by which to learn. Thirdly parent(s) are either too busy to give their child or children the individual attention needed or lastly, many children are at a learning stage where their parents are not equipped educationally to assist.

 Of course, the method of educating is done via the internet with the aid of a tutor, coach, instructor or teacher. These companies also provide the resources and support needed to solve many learning issues and give students the additional help they desperately need.  School (woodsy)Credit:  The qualifications or requirements vary according to company.  Most companies require educators to be highly trained, experienced and or, state certified; while others a teaching certificate or a degree is sufficient along with solid references. Background checks are compulsory. Be sure to check out the many freelance, part time and fulltime opportunities at, Smart Thinking, Esylvan, Idapted, Aim4a, Tutor Vista and Growing Stars


Affiliate Marketing

There are many variations of the term ranging from a partnership, a sharing program, a referral.  Regardless, with affiliate programs you contract to sell or advertise other company’s products or services.  For every lead, clicks or sale generated through your website, you earn a commission.  Basically, you help to advertise or promote the company’s goods and services in exchange for payment. So start a website promoting other peoples product.  Amazon, the biggest online retailer has a number of opportunities for anyone desirous of making extra cash. Ebay, E-Junkie, Clickbank, and Commission Junction are others that may be of interest to youSky is the limit when it comes to earning potential. Success depends on promoting the right product, the method used, and of course perseverance.


Search Engine Evaluator

Basically the job of a search engine evaluator is to enter different words or terms into search engines and determine how closely related the top results are to what is expected or desired. The information is documented by the evaluator and then analyzed by companies to ensure that human interactions and search engines are on the same page. This is part of a process search engine companies perform to improved the quality and accuracy of their product. Companies such as Lionbridge, Leapforce, Butlerhill, Google and Workforce Logic frequently hire search engine evaluators. Pay range is $9-14 per hour


Data Entry

Data entry also known as information processing:  is transcribing data from one form to another.  Forms of data that you may be expected to process are written or typed information from spreadsheets or any document inputted to computer software application.  Data could be a sequence of letters or numbers or a combination of both.  Some data entry positions also requires copying and pasting, editing and proofreading, as well as downloading and uploading information into web stores.  Accuracy, quick turnaround, Data Keyboard  and sharp attention to detail are essential. Many large corporations are now moving to electronic software which automates efficiently the entire process of data flow within their organization. The good news is: there are still many companies, in particularly small operations which are continually in need of these services.  Data Entry jobs are not easy to find, however there are companies such as those listed below that are known to hire on a long and short term basis: Xerox, Axion Data, Amazon Turk, Dion, Palm Coast Data (Florida residents only), and search Odesk. 


Focus Groups

Focus groups have become a very popular and powerful tool for marketing research that companies are using to evaluate and understand why people hold certain beliefs and opinions, and help in testing new ideas or concepts to get a feel of its impact on various demographics.  The selection process is based on the information gathered at the time of registering and completing a questionnaire.  Upon registering, you may be asked to join a particular focus group because you meet the needs of the study; your age, occupation, race, income; just to name a few; play an important role in who gets selected.  These groups usually consist of about 6-10 people and a moderator, whose primary goal is to keep the discussion on track, and ensure that everyone participates or voice their opinion about products, services or issues, in order to obtain different perspectives and gather specific information. 

Most companies wait for long intervals before asking you to join another of their groups, because they prefer new participants with different point of views, so do your research and signup with as many companies as you see fit.  Focus groups generally pay anywhere from $40-$200. The following are a few the companies that are know to conduct studies frequently: Fieldwork, 2020 Research, Pragmatic Research, Fleishman Field Research, and Consumer Opinion Services.