With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we're often caught browsing internet stores and reading top ten lists of gifts perfect for... whoever. Well, here's another list to pre-occupy you while at work. These gifts are for the Geeky, and it seems so tempting to buy them just to put a smile on that certain geek's face.


10. To kick off the list, let's dive straight into the staple-drink of all geeks: Bawls G33K B33R (or just regular bawls).

Bawls G33k B33r

G33k b33r has all the right ingredients to keep that geek of yours smashing away at his/her keyboard, while in an intense round of TF2, or pounding out some ruby-on-rails. Bawls main ingredient is Guarana, from the amazon. The stuff is said to taste like a fruity sprite, and the Root Beer actually tastes like root beer with a nice... fruity flavor? [Buy Bawls Here]

9. Here's something awesome for the A/V Geek: Mvix Wireless HD Media Center

Mvix Media PlayerThe Mvix player and case looks like a pretty advanced router, but even cooler. You gotta supply your own hard drive to run this puppy, however (simply connect any size 3.5" SATA or IDE hard drive). It also connects you to your network via ethernet/802.11/g. It's also a media player that can connect to your HDTV via component/composite/s-video/dvi. Amazed yet? Supported file formats include MP1/2/4, DivX, Xvid, VOB. Musically, it can take MP3s, ogg, wav and AC3. Phew. Streaming support from other computers is available as well.

Now if your geek is looking for more out of a wireless media player, we've got great news for you. It can display your photos, and syncs up your music and creates a nifty little slideshow of your photos.

It's worth the geeky investment, since it'll be replacing the dvd's on the shelves, so more room for pictures of your cat/dog/cable nests.

The Mvix Player runs for about $289.99 on sale [Buy from NewEgg]

8. The Geek Photographer

How about a nifty little tripod? The Gorillapod offers some nifty design for a tripod. It firmly secures a digi camera to pretty much any surface! Breaking the mold of the traditional tripod, this one does not require an elevated flat surface. Twist it to a fencepost. Stick it to the hood of your car (not in motion, obviously).


It's lightweight, compact, and it can wrap to stuff. Easily carried, might I add. Perfect for that photo geek-on-the-go.

Gorillapod features
Get it from [Joby] models ranging from $39.95-$149.95

7. Something for the shirt-geeks (ironic t-shirts, fanboy shirts, etc.)

A truly unique shirt - it plays music.

Drum T-Shirt
What more can I say? 7 different drum noises. Loads of smacking yourself on the chest while walking down the street. Who knows?

Get it for $29.99 at [ThinkGeek]

6. Japanese Fanboy Geek: USB Computer Mega Awesome Owl Robot Spectacular!!!!

We all know one. Drawers full of Manga/Anime. A guilty pleasure for some, a secret lust for others (no offense bro, it was the dragon-button-up shirt that gave it away). We love our Japan-obsessed buddies, so why not give em what they like? This robo-owl (as seen in the Tootsie Pop commercials) is perfect for the geeks, and the girlfriends that like cute stuff.

USB robo owlJapanese Owl Robot

It blinks its eyes, and swivels its head. So damn cute you might as well buy two. Get it at [ThinkGeek] for $19.99

5. The Chemistry Geek (or a TF2 Fanboy) - Lab Coat and Awesome Goggles


Look at those freakin' goggles. Who wouldn't want them? (Actual welding goggles).

and the Labcoat - what a deal $26 at [AllHeart]
Goggles - $10.20 at [SafetyGlassesUSA]

Chem set
Get it for $39.95 at [HomeTrainingTools]

4. The Gaming Geek's Essential Video Game Collection

Let me just refer you to this post @ Kotaku

It covers all consoles/pcs/handhelds, the best games for each

[Kotaku - Original: Holiday Game Review Madness]

3. The Coffeeloving Geek/Dad/Office Zombie - Black&Decker Cup At A Time Coffee Maker

The DCM7 coffee maker brews 1 cup at a time. Because lord knows if you fill that pot, you're gonna drink it all. And that isn't good. This coffeemaker brews one fresh, piping hot cup of coffee on demand. Great for rolling out of bed and slamming one immediately. Less wait time then a regular pot of coffee/espresso, with way less effort.

Black and Decker Cup at a Time

Get this thing at [DealTime] for as low as $12.99

2. The Movie Buff/Geek (because geeks usually aren't too buff, ahem)

I'd suggest something worthy of a geek that spends time on his computer watching movies. Give him a hand with legally renting movies online!

Netflix Gift Card!!!

netflix gift card

Get on from [Netflix] @ any price you choose

1. Music Loving, iPhone/iPod having geek!

I STRONGLY recommend buying a couple iTunes gift cards for those buddies of yours that dig music in a legal fashion. It's a great excuse to support some preferred artists and musicians, as well as iPhone/iPod apps and games to play. Get them the gift that they have full control of what they get.

iTunes $15 gift card
Get it at any Wal-Mart, Ross, Target, Radioshack... or online at the [iTunes store]

Happy Holidays to all of you Geek supporters!