Morning Alarm Clocks That Will Rock Your World

Waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things to do. Most people just want to hit their snooze, pull the covers over their head and drift back to a nice slumber. While alarms have been around for a long time, people started sleeping through them. This is where some newer invented morning alarm clocks can really help by causing urgency to get you up and stated on your day. Below are 10 morning alarm clocks that will be able to do that for you.

Ramos Clock – The morning alarm clock of all alarms. The Ramos was a recent invention throughRamos Alarm Clock Kickstarter and achieved funding to begin production. The Ramos has one function and that is to get you out of bed and moving in the morning. The Ramos is a 2-part system where the alarm sits next to your bed and you put a wireless remote shutoff somewhere else in the house, like the bathroom where most people start their day. When the alarm goes off, you must physically get out of bed and walk to the remote keypad and punch in the code to shut it off. There is no snooze on this morning alarm clock and even if you try to unplug it, there is a battery inside to keep it functioning.

The Ramos comes in two designs. The first design is just a regular LED version that is the cheaper of the two at $300. The second version is called the Nixie Ramos and is visually stunning. This version incorporates Nixie Tubes, which have a very long shelf life and were used back in the Cold War days. The Nixie Ramos is more expensive at $800 because of the tubes, but could be well worth the investment if you are a heavy sleeper or just like cool things.

Money Shredding Alarm ClockMoney Shredding Alarm – While this morning alarm clock is just a concept, it would bring you to your knees knowing that while you sleep those few extra minutes your money was being torn to shreds. The Money Shredding Alarm allows you to place a stack of money in the back, which is then viewed through the clear screen. Once your alarm goes off it will cost you money to hit the snooze button. Every time you hit snooze, your money will start to shred into little pieces. This alarm is on a fine line with breaking the law, as it is a Federal crime to willfully destroy money. This is probably why it is only a concept design currently, but you could replace the money with other important documents if you wanted to.

iBRIGHT Shooting Alarm Clock – This morning alarm clock is a little more hands on thenShooting Gun Alarm Clock some of the others. When the alarm sounds off the target pops up and you are to pick up the gun and shoot it to turn it off. There are a few options here as you can select easy mode or hard mode. You must hit the target in easy mode or you five times in hard mode to snooze for a little longer. This alarm is also recordable and your music or recording will play for 3 minutes until you successfully hit the alarm. Nothing like some good hand eye coordination in early in the day instead of just drinking a cup of Joe. Starting around $25, this unique alarm would be perfect for your would be spies, cops, or regular hunters.

Sonic Boom – Hearing this name I always picture the Street Fighter character Guile and his Sonic Boom move. I imagine what your enemy feels in that game is the Sonic Boom Alarm Clocksame that you feel in the morning with this highly rated, get you outta bed earthquake of an alarm. The Sonic Boom not only has a very loud alarm, but also an attached device that you put underneath your mattress that violently shakes you just in case you didn’t hear the alarm. Heavy sleepers have raved about this clock for helping them get out of bed in a timely manner. The Sonic Boom can be found online starting around $30.

Shape Up Alarm – Have you ever tried going to the gym before work and youShape Up Alarm Clock just can’t get out of bed? Well kill two birds with one stone when you purchase this bad boy. When the alarm goes off you can’t just hit a snooze, you have to pump some iron. You will need to do 30 curls, which is sure to get the blood flowing enough in your veins to make you look swell and keep you from going back to bed. No more gym member ship for you. The Shape Up Alarm can be found online for about $15.

Flying Alarm ClockFlying Alarm Clock – This crafty little morning alarm clock will make you think that you are seeing a UFO. Just coming out of sleep to a shrieking alarm with a flying object floating around above might be one of the better ways to wake up a heavy sleeper. When the alarm sounds and the object flies off your nightstand you have to get out of bed and retrieve it. It must be placed back into its resting spot to stop the alarm from going off. This is one of the more affordable morning alarms starting at $20.

SnüzNLüz - This is an ingenious invention to wake you up with some urgency when the morningSnuzNLuz Alarm Clock alarm sounds off. You connect the alarm via WiFi to your bank account and select a charity that goes against your beliefs or views. An example given is if you are a butcher, your donation would go directly to PETA. The thought behind this is that every time you hit the snooze button you will be donating your hard earned cash to your arch nemesis of charities. This should get your brain thinking early in the morning and keep you up as you look to see how much money was donated. I guess the benefit from this would be that the money donated is tax deductable. The SnüzNLüz currently sells for $40.

Clocky – This morning alarm clock was invented to annoy the hell Clocky Alarm Clockout of you in the morning. When the alarm starts to beep it jumps up in the air and then uses its wheels to start driving all over your bedroom floor. You have to physically get out of bed and chase it around to stop the alarm. Nothing like a light morning jog to get you mentally and physically ready for the day. Clocky is available starting around $35, depending what color you would like.

Day Maker Alarm – This unique alarm works with your iPhone. Just simply put them in with theDay Maker Alarm Clock alarm set and push down. When it is time to wake up in the morning the alarm will sound and the iPhone will pop up like fresh toast out of the toaster. If you want to snooze for a little bit, just push the bread…. I mean phone back down and wait for it to pop up again. While this alarm clock is still in the pre-production phase, you will be able to get the iPhone alarm clock dock in a single slice style or two-slice style.

Wake n' Bacon Alarm ClockWake n’ Bacon – Now I know it is true when people say that everything is better with bacon, so why not as an alarm clock? The Wake n’ Bacon has been redesigned to wake you up wuth the fantastic smell of cooking bacon. Yeah, that’s right, cooking bacon and no annoying alarm sound. Before you go to bed, you insert pieces of pre-cooked frozen bacon in the alarms pan. Then set your alarm and enjoy your dreams of breakfast in the morning. When the alarm goes off, instead of an annoying repetitive sound, the bacon starts to cook. This will take 4 minutes and the aroma will gently wake you up. Then simply open the side of the alarm clock and enjoy! This is currently a concept, but you can DIY to make one of these.

Nixie Ramos Morning Alarm Clock in Action