It's easy to become stressed and depressed when it is time to go back to school, but it does not need to be a sad time. In fact, back to school parties are fun and can bring joy to school students of all ages. These 10 back to school party ideas will inspire you to organize an exciting day at your school.

Choose the age appropriate game to build your party theme around. Games are great for getting everyone involved and making sure tha nobody is left out.

Hide and Seek
This is a fun game for younger children. Use the school yard as a hide and seek setting. Students will have fun taking turns to hide and seek.

Twister Party
Getting a few copies of the popular game Twister and setting it up outside will insure hours of fun for students of all ages.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey
This is always a fun party game, particularly for younger children. Pin the Tail sets can be bought cheaply therefore you can set up multiple games.

Simon Says
Simon Says is a fun indoor game that will suit younger students.

Jeopardy Party
Jeopardy is a game for older students that mimics the TV show - see who can answer fastest!

Trivia Party
Trivia questions can be catered to any age group. Give prizes to the winners!

Maths Learning Party
Learn and have fun at the same time with class maths quiz with fun prizes.

Spelling Bee Party
A spelling competition can assist in learning whilst being exciting.

Dancing Party
Dancing parties are a great way to relax and get moving. You can dance to popular children's songs or simply hold a disco.

Drawing Party
Take students on an excursion to famous monuments where they have to draw what they see. Kids love this!

Once you've picked a game or two to serve as the main event, try to add decorations to match. Your kids can be a big help with decorating.

Be sure to decorate a cake or cupcakes with the party theme. Munchies can be used a quick rewards for trivia, math, or spelling bee rounds.

As you can see, creating back to school party events is easy and simply, not to mention fun for students, teachers and parents!