Say goodbye to tired arms and legs

Shopping online saves time, money, energy, helps you beat the crowds; the list goes on.

Online Shopping ImageCredit: Baggu

1. Shop from the comfort of your own home

All you need is a PC, internet connection and a mouse. This is especially handy for those too busy at work (shop online during your lunch break) or busy mums with hectic schedules. Plus, within the comfort of your own home, you don't have to bother with hair and make-up or transport. You can even shop while multi-tasking!

2. No more lugging shopping bags around

Not having to lug around heavy shopping bags or push cumbersome trollies (yes, you can shop online for groceries too), that means no more aching arms and tired feet!

With online shopping, everything is delivered to your door-step unless you have opted to pick it up at a fixed location.

***3. Greater savings

An online shopping website costs far less to set-up than an actual store. So, chances are prices are lower than in retail shops. 

Also, many online shops offer discount coupons and rebates, with daily sale or bargain sections. Sites such as ASOS have free shipping even when you purchase just one item.

Did you get that? Because there's more. Get free cashback at Quidco, a UK cashback and vouchers site, for shopping online at ASOS and other reputed retailers. If you're a first-time customer at ASOS, you get 10% cashback which can be paid via PayPal.

Without having to step out of the house, you also save on transport, lunch and the impulse buys that are part and parcel of being out and about.

4. Shop any time, round-the-clock

This is probably one of the best perks of online shopping. While one has to visit traditional retail stores during business or opening hours, online retailers accept orders 24 hours a day. You can shop in the wee hours of the morning if you're having trouble falling asleep, while on the go, at Starbucks, etc. simply because you can.

5. Unique styles and better variety

heelsCredit: love Maegan

Ever been caught in an awkward moment where you're wearing the same top as a colleague or worse, the same dress as someone else at a wedding?

Fret not because online shopping allows you access to styles and designs not found within your own country. Not to mention the staggering variety there is. Now, not only don't you have to get on an airplane to shop in Europe, you can click your way to the perfect product in double time.

6. Compare prices online, hassle-free

Rather than lug oneself from shop to shop comparing prices, simply open a new tab and type in the web address of yet another online shop. The research capabilities of online shopping extend far and wide.

You can take your time to deliberate on whether to buy the marl sweatshirt or skater dress, in pink or in blue. There's simply no pressure because no one's hawk-eyeing you from the cashier!

7. Cancel or amend an order easily

While some retail shops don't offer a refund, some online sites allow you to cancel your order within a period of time after purchase. You might even be able to change the size, colour etc. all without the hassle of going back to that shop.

8. Beat the crowds

A shopping trip started out at leisure might turn into a hurried one due to nothing but crowds of people. Shopping at the mall can be a headache especially during festive seasons or the weeks leading up to them. But you, the online shopper, will never queue for parking or wait in line at the cashier during peak season again!

9. Sending gifts

Another benefit of online shopping is the option to send gifts to friends and family members, no matter where they are in the world. Having the gift shipped directly to the recipient not only saves time (shipping to self first, wrapping, re-shipping, etc.) but could also enable to recipient to exchange the gift without divulging the price.                                                       

10. Purchasing in secret

Credit: love Maegan

Want to buy an adult toy or sexy lingerie but are too embarrassed to do it in person at a shop? A discreet online purchase ought to do the trick. Only your mouse would know.

***Word of caution: Everything is for sale online these days: clothes, electronics, books etc. to big-ticket items such as cars, boats and houses. So please practice safe shopping online such as by only buying from reputed sites, using a strong password (and perhaps different one for every site), avoiding using public terminals and making sure your PC security software is up-to-date. More about safe online shopping in a later article!