Results from Juicing Cleansing

                                                            BEFORE PICTURES

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                                                             AFTER PICTURES


after final 1

After watching the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I felt inspired. I was tired of a stagnant weight and perpetually feeling tired. And why oh why was I always craving chocolate? After working up the courage, I completed my first 10 day green juice detox cleanse and the results were staggering. With a 14lb weight loss and an overall sense of energy and renewal, I have never been surer of the benefits juicing leads to.

The 10 benefits of my juice fast:

  1. Weight loss. As you can see from my before and after photos, I lost 14lbs in 10 days. Although I do not think losing weight should be one’s only motivator when juicing, I do believe it is one nice aspect. Especially since belly fat is extremely hard for me to lose, it felt freeing to lose two inches around my waist.
  2. Lowered Cholesterol.  I do not typically worry about my cholesterol, however, I was curious if the power of fresh vegetable juice could affect it in such a short period of time. Turns out it can and it did. My cholesterol dropped four points!
  3. Increased Energy. Though the first few days were sluggish due to a lack of caffeine, I did eventually feel my energy levels rise and even increase more than what they have been in years. I also no longer face the afternoon slump that hits after lunchtime. Overall, I noticed towards the end of my cleanse and even more so now that I am off, I have more energy and a clearer focus on my tasks.
  4. Awareness. The detox made me realize how much of my eating is just mindless and habitual. For example I was watching a movie and was dying for some candy and popcorn. Not because I was actually hungry though, but because it was a habit. This awareness is the key to changing your eating habits and preventing weight gain when you are done.
  5. Hydration. Since my drink options were limited to juice, water, and decaf hot tea, I began drinking much more water than I normally would. As a result my skin felt clearer and less dry than usual. My dad who also did the detox with me said this, “For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy the taste of water.” The fast has helped him kick his habitual need for caffeinated tea out the window.
  6. Nutrition. When you are getting approximately 18-22 servings of raw fruits and vegetables per day, needless to say, your body is getting some much needed nutrition. These vitamins and nutrients are critical to your body’s healing process and also to your more than likely vitamin deficient body. An added bonus is that when you aren’t putting junk in, you actually quit craving the junk. I’m no longer pining away for my next dose of caffeine, sugar, or carbs (although I am eating some whole grains) because I simply don’t feel like I need it.
  7. Self Control. For some reason, it did not register to me when I picked the dates of my juice fast, that I would miss Halloween! Not only the capital of candy holidays but I also missed my work potluck and several festive parties. Passing out candy when you haven’t ate in days should be listed under cruel and unusual punishment. However, I did it. I used extreme self control and learned that I can thoroughly enjoy holidays and social events without derailing my diet. In fact, not feeling bloated, fat, or experiencing a sugar crash afterwards was an added bonus.
  8. Insight. Although I did enjoy fruits and vegetables before the juice cleanse, eating them in mass quantities made me realize how much more my body craved. Call it good karma or whatever you like, but the truth is when you treat your body right, it reciprocates the favor. The detox put me in tune with my body’s real needs. That insight has helped create and form my new eating habits as I move on.
  9. Hope. Being stuck at the same weight for so long can be very discouraging. I would work so hard to lose a few pounds only to indulge too much on the weekend and be back right where I started on Monday. I was losing hope that I could ever get back to the size I used to be. I needed something extreme. Now that I have lost all that weight and am within five pounds of my goal, I am much more determined to eat healthier and maintain my new lifestyle. I needed that boost of confidence to put me back on track.  
  10. Healing. Ultimately, the real reason behind a detox is healing. After all the junk we put into our body along with the pollution and toxins we face daily, it is no wonder why our body needs a sabbatical. When your internal organs are given a vacation from processing food, it allows all their energy to focus on eliminating toxins and repairing itself. Think of it like spring cleaning. And when you get off the detox and indulge in an occasional treat, it will be much more able to process it quicker and more efficiently.

As you can see, the benefits of a 10 day green juice fast are truly unbelievable. Of course always consult a medical doctor first before starting any diet or fast and seek medical council as needed throughout the detox. I have no medical background and am in no means able to offer medical advice under any circumstance.  Once you have cleared it with your doctor though, I encourage you to try a fast, lose some weight, and feel better than you have in years. It worked for me, and I believe it can work for you too.