A great family vacation for anyone in America is a day at any of these best amusement parks. It will allow the entire family to spend time riding coasters or bumper cars. You’ll have opportunities to snack on junk food or to enjoy some time cooling off with a water amusement park. There are enough different options as to offer a park near just about anyone across the continent. There are also enough selections to give people the opportunity to think about what they want to do, where they want to do it at, and which park has a water amusement park for the summer.

1. Cedar Point

If you’re looking for the best amusement park in America you shouldn’t pass up Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio. With more than 75 amusement park rides spread out over 364 acres including one of the best water amusement park’s the country has to offer a day here seems like barely enough to cover everything you’ll want to do. There are 17 coasters which is the most in any one location on earth.  The coasters at this park are some of the fastest, largest and most fantastic to ride. It’s open from late May to early September.

2. Walt Disney World

Most everyone will consider Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as one of the best amusement parks that a family could visit. You and your children can see your favorite characters and enjoy some of the best rides. Here you can enjoy an amusement park ride, spend some time at their water amusement park, or walk around checking out your favorite attractions. It’s a park that offers tons of unique entertainment along with fantastic stores to pick up some of your favorite characters on clothing, souvenirs or as stuffed animals. There are adjacent parks that are also fun attractions for those who like scientific wonders and movie trivia.

3. Michigan Adventure

Michigan Adventure is definitely a contender when it comes to the best amusement park. With more than 53 amusement park rides including some of the best in regards to a water amusement park, it’s a must stop for those seeking their fill of adrenaline. They are open from the middle of May with the water amusement park opening late May through early September.  The park is known for not only offering a great selection of rides for the adults but also some of the widest selection of amusement park rides when it comes to children. This is one of the most reasonably priced parks that offers a range or rides for those seeking thrills and for those that enjoy tamer amusements.

4. Kings Island

If you are looking to find the best amusement park in America you certainly can’t skip over King’s Island in Mason Ohio. When it comes to an amusement park ride, you’ll have 80 to choose from here spread out on more than 300 acres. It boasts more than 15 coasters including two of the world’s largest and fastest when it comes to wooden coasters.  Included in your admission is a trip to the water amusement park.

5. Disneyland

Don’t skip over Disneyland in Anaheim California for a sport on the best amusement park list. There are plenty selections to choose from if considering an amusement park ride. It has some of the most classic rides, including: ‘It’s a Small World After all,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ and ‘The Matterhorn.’ It also gets more foot traffic, over 14 million visitors a year, than just about any other park in America.

6. Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia is another wonderful park to look at when thinking about the best amusement park in America. It is home to the world’s largest and fastest dive coaster for an amusement park ride. This park is known for being one of the most beautiful that a person can tour. It is themed after European countries and is very beautifully decorated.

7. Universal Studios

If there is a best amusement park list it will have Universal Studios in Orlando Florida on it. An amusement park ride here isn’t just a typical coaster. There are tons of uniquely movie themed rides for all ages to enjoy. It offers a unique retail experience with CityWalk, along with some very awesome rides like, Jaws, The Mummy, Men in Black and Terminator.

8. Koebels Amusement Park

Pennsylvania also offers up a specimen for the best amusement park with its Koebels Amusement Park in Elysburg. This park started with just a steam carousel in 1926 and a few picnic tables. These days it sports more than it plenty of offerings when it comes to an amusement park ride. One of its biggest bragging points is that it is free admission and parking. This park charges for its rides instead anywhere between .75 and $4.00. per ride. The park also has won awards for some of the best restaurants at any park; including many that are sit down styled. There are also campgrounds available for people to stay close by.

9. Six Flags Great America

We can’t pass up Six-Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois when building a list of choices for the best amusement park. This park offers heaps of options for those interested in an amusement park ride. There are close to 70 rides to select from including 10 coasters for adults. They make additions every year to their rides including The Dark Knight, which rides through a building without any light. The park also has an adjacent water amusement park. The park and name go hand in hand with thrill seeking and adventure, making it a must stop for those who love coasters.

10. Legoland

While it isn’t a huge name, it is a park to be enjoyed by all; Legoland in Carlsbad, California. For those that love building and have enjoyed Legos this is a unique park that offers a fantastic experience for many. There are nine sections including a fabulous water amusement park. One of the best things about this park is that it is scaled down for those young children that aren’t tall enough for some of the rides at the larger parks.