The top college baseball programs in the country really know how to bring in the revenue. For purposes of value, putting too much credence into profits of individual college programs is a bit unpredictable. Since college and universities are non-profits, they don't always run their organizations like a Fortune 500 company would. In other words, the revenue a baseball team brings in says a lot more about their value than does whether they make a profit on the books. In 2014, the top 10 highest earning college programs brought in over $43 million. In the south, college baseball is a way of life. Knowing that, it's really no surprise finding out that the SEC dominates baseball in the money making department. There are however, a few schools on the list that may surprise you. The revenue numbers are thanks to the website of the U.S. Board of Education (can't say that a lot).

LSU Tigers


LSU baseball stadium

Location: Alex Box Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

NCAA Tournaments: 28

College World Series: 17

National Championships: 6

Home to my homeland, the LSU Tigers have a baseball tradition second to none. When the college baseball rankings come out, LSU is somewhere in the top 25 come hell or high water - and they are always in the mix for a trip to Omaha. Of course, the baseball team is not the only thing that is good here, but I can talk for hours on blonde girls in sundresses, Southern Proper ball caps, and pearls so I think I'll leave it at that for now. At over $9.6 million in revenue and growing, college baseball's best program is also college baseball's highest earner.

Auburn Tigers


Auburn college baseball

Location: Plainsman Park in Auburn, Alabama

NCAA Tournaments: 18

College World Series: 4

National Championships: 0

It's Sunny Golloway's first season at the helm for Auburn, so War Eagle fan's have plenty to be excited about. Auburn has missed the NCAA tournament for three straight seasons, part of which because they have to face the best college baseball teams day in and day out in the SEC. Plainsman Park is one of the gems of college baseball and the fans are ready for Auburn to become relevant again in the SEC. Look for the Tigers to make a move towards the top very soon.

Texas Longhorns


Texas longhorns baseball

Location: UFCU Disch-Falk Field in Austin, Texas

NCAA Tournaments: 57

College World Series: 35

National Championships: 6

The University of Texas baseball program historically is second to none. The Longhorns brought in over $5 million last year while packing the confines at the impressive UFCU Disch-Falk Field. Legendary coach Augie Garrido is in his 19th season in Austin, and for some reason the guy still hasn't learned how to lose. Not only are the Texas Longhorns the most successful NCAA Division I college baseball program with a win percentage of .735, they also have some of the games best rivalries.

Vanderbilt Commodores


Vanderbilt college baseball

Location: Hawkins Field in Nashville, Tennessee

NCAA Tournaments: 14

College World Series: 3

National Championships: 1

Not only is Vanderbilt's athletic director the highest paid AD in the country (which might surprise you), the Commodores have slowly but surely etched their way into the elite of college baseball. Though they aren't LSU in terms of bringing in revenue, the SEC's only private university pulled in a cool $4.2 million in 2014. Just imagine how valuable and productive a team like Vanderbilt could be if the NCAA did not limit the number of scholarships a team could give (just under 12, which is too few to me).

Ole Miss Rebels


Ole Miss baseball

Location: Oxford-University Stadium in Oxford, Mississippi

NCAA Tournaments: 19

College World Series: 5

National Championships: 0

The Runnin' Rebels of Ole Miss are a staple program in college baseball. Though they have not yet won an NCAA title, every year they get a little closer. If you have never been to Oxford, you should probably go down for a game - Oxford-University Stadium does not have a bad seat in the house. If you're a Yankee like I've become, try not to get chills when you hear 'I Wish I Was in the Land of Dixie' being played by the marching band.


Mississippi State Bulldogs


Miss St college baseball

Location: Dudy Noble Field in Starkville, Mississippi

NCAA Tournaments: 34

College World Series: 9

National Championships: 0

One of, if not the most intimidating college baseball venues to play at is Dudy Noble Field. Not only is Mississippi State one of the top college baseball programs, they tailgate to such a high level it almost makes up for the fact that the Bulldogs are 0-9 in NCAA titles once making it to Omaha.

Texas A&M Aggies


Top 10 Highest Revenue College Baseball Teams

Location: Blue Bell Park in College Station, Texas

NCAA Tournaments: 31

College World Series: 5

National Championships: 0

Talk about intimidating places to play. Blue Bell Park is one scary place. Not only do Aggie fans scream and yell at the opposing batters, they think it's their God-given right too. That must just be the Texan in them. In 2014, the Texas A&M baseball program made over $3.2 million, making them college baseball's seventh most valuable program.

TCU Horned Frogs


TCU College baseball

Location: Lupton Stadium in Fort Worth, Texas

NCAA Tournaments: 13

College World Series: 3

National Championships: 0

The Horned Frogs of TCU are making a name for themselves as of late. Though Lupton Stadium is not one of college baseball's best, it still can get pretty crazy down in Forth Worth. The Big 12 really came out a winner when they realigned the least in terms of baseball. There is little question that the religious institution down in Fort Worth, Texas is one of the top college baseball teams in the country.

Arkansas Razorbacks


Arkansas college baseball best

Location: Baum Stadium in Fayetteville, Arkansas

NCAA Tournaments: 28

College World Series: 8

National Championships: 0

The University of Arkansas is kind of the forgotten SEC member - only half true now that Missouri is a member. Point is, though they are super amazing at track & field (and no one cares), Arkansas and Vanderbilt are the only two colleges in the SEC that can really call baseball their number one sport. This might be interesting to think about, but how many Arkansas basketball games have you sat down and watched lately? Exactly.

South Carolina Gamecocks


Best college baseball teams

Location: Carolina Stadium in Columbia, South Carolina

NCAA Tournaments: 30

College World Series: 11

National Championships: 2

I had one simple strategy when applying to law schools: apply to schools that have large quantities of well-dressed, attractive females. The joke's on me though because I sold out and took a scholarship at the University of Nebraska (where the girls are not well-dressed & only partially attractive), but my point is, South Carolina was firmly planted on my list. Not only are the Gamecocks one of the best college baseball teams in the NCAA, fans in Columbia pack Carolina Stadium and helped bring in the tenth highest college baseball revenue last year.

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