simple cookie recipe

Anyone who does even the minimal amount of baking will want to know some of the best cookies to make for friends and family to enjoy. Whether having them in the afternoon with a hot cup of coffee or for an after dinner snack with a glass of milk, cookies are a classic treat that everyone should make at home as often as possible. They can be a fun way to spend time in the kitchen as a family or relaxing on the weekend.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of a homemade chocolate chip cookie? These are the best cookies to enjoy hot out of the oven with a cool glass of milk. Dunk them or just wash them down with the creamy beverage.  Everyone has a favorite and best cookie recipe for this classic of all treats. Many are passed down in a family. This popular cookie is easy to find a simple cookie recipe and enjoy right away.  Try having some fun and using different flavored chips or adding nuts to your favorite recipe.

Cookie Bars

Don’t feel like using a baking sheet and dropping each cookie? Some of the best cookies are actually made into bar fashion. These are simple cookie recipes because they cut some of the time out when it comes to getting them on a sheet to bake.  There are many different variations within this style so it’s easy to find some of the best cookie recipes that use a pan instead of a sheet. If you can’t decide on one kind, make a couple and share with some friends.

Sugar Cookies

There are many holidays that just wouldn’t be the same without one of these classics to enjoy. Some of the best cookies allow for some family time decorating and these are at the top of the list for just that! Some of the most simple cookie recipes a person can find are for sugar cookies and they are truly enjoyable. If you’re thinking about getting in the kitchen and whipping up a batch of desserts keep your eye out for one of these best cookie recipes.

Gingerbread Cookies

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to make a delicious batch of these. They are the best cookies shaped like people. To enhance this simple cookie recipe have some ingredients nearby for fun and interesting decorating. An important quality to some of the best cookie recipes is that they make great gifts for friends and neighbors and these are certainly at the top of the list for those enjoyed by many.

Oatmeal Cookies

Getting some grain while you’re enjoying your sweets can make for some of the best cookies out there to nibble on. Plus it’s easy to use up some oatmeal that you can’t get anyone to eat another way in the best cookie recipe. There are many of the most simple cookie recipes that are oatmeal and raisin or chocolate oatmeal making it easy to enjoy a sweet treat without having to sweat to get it made.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Peanut butter alone can enhance even the best cookies out there. But choose a recipe that works around this delicious food and you’re guaranteed to be using the best cookie recipes available. They are fantastic for housewarming presents or to bring along when someone has you over for a meal because a lot of people enjoy these simple cookie recipes.

No Bake Cookies

Is there any more of a simple cookie recipe than one that doesn’t require you to turn an oven on? These are the best cookie recipes for the dog days of summer when you can’t bear to make your house any warmer by being forced to use the oven. Don’t let these fool you they are some of the best cookies to keep around for snaking on or to have ready to take to the next family reunion.

Holiday Cookies

One of the best traditions of the holidays is to make a plate of the best cookies to pass around as a gift. It’s one of those that are getting lost as people’s lives continue to get busier and more hectic. The trick is to choose only the most simple cookie recipes when getting ready to make your selection. Be ready to hand out a couple of your best cookie recipes so others can enjoy making their own in the months ahead.

Low-fat or Sugar Free Cookies

It’s not unusual for people to be watching their diet these days, but who wants to do that and never be able to enjoy a delicious cookie again?  Some of the best cookies out there are actually not as bad for your waistline as you may think. There are many best cookie recipes that call for substitutions like apple sauce or whole wheat flours to make them healthier. A very simple cookie recipe that makes any high calorie treat slimming with just one step only requires sugar substitutes.

Thumbprint Cookies

While the name of some of the best cookies may seem a little confusing, keep in mind these are some of the best treats out there.  The thumbprint refers to a delicious bit placed in the center like jam or fruit preserves. The best cookie recipes are like this where it’s possible to vary the flavors that are in the center so in one batch you may have something for everyone’s taste buds. They are a simple cookie recipe because there aren’t usually too many ingredients involved to make them.

If you’re looking for a great way to thank a friend or bring a homemade gift to a party, then cookies are a great place to start. They can be taken along to work, packed in lunches and snacked on after dinner. Bring along a recipe so you can share how you made the delicious treat. If you don’t know what your favorite is then try selecting a few types of the best cookies and have some fun baking.