Families wanting to create a DVD library of movies they can watch together should invest in the 10 best Disney animated movies.  Disney is synonymous with family fare.  When you watch a Disney movie classic, you do not have to worry about inappropriate language, unsuitable situations or scantily clad characters. 

Disney’ best animated movies are ones that children love to watch over and over again.  They typically have music that kids want to listen to repeatedly, and parents can usually stand most of these tunes!

Here is a list of the 10 best Disney animated movies, in no particular order.  While many are modern classics, there are a few older movies that still stand the test of time.

Beauty and the Beast  1990

Best Disney animated movie Beauty and the BeastCredit: www.amazon.comThis Disney animated movie was the only cartoon ever to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, and it won the 1991 Oscar for Best Song, "Beauty and the Beast".  The story of Belle is Disney’s first attempt at having a heroine who has a brain of her own.  Belle is a bookworm whom the townspeople simply do not understand.  While living with the Beast, she learns to love him, and he loves her, thus breaking the enchanted spell he was put under.

The Little Mermaid 1989

The Little Mermaid is one of Disney's best animated moviesCredit: www.amazon.comThe Little Mermaid marked Disney’s triumphant return to animation.  The musical score, which won two Academy Awards, tells the tale of Princess Ariel and her quest for happiness with Prince Eric.  At the movie’s end, when she says good-bye to her father, is one that will have parents choking up (I know I do!)  As always, the evil antagonist, Ursula, gets her due and all ends well.

Mulan 1998

Mulan is a classic animated Disney movieCredit: www.amazon.comThis is my personal favorite Disney animated movie.  Why is that? First, Mulan lives with her mother, her father, and her grandmother.  Imagine that!  An intact family in a Disney animated movie! I also love this film because it is the first movie where the heroine does not need a man, warrior or prince to save her.  In fact, it is Mulan who takes her father’s place in the Chinese Imperial Army and saves Li Shang and his army, as well as all of China.  Add musical numbers by 1970’s teen idol Donny Osmond, and you have a the makings of one of the best Disney animated classics of all time.  Mulan was also Disney’s first Asian main character.

The Aristocats 1970

The Aristocats is a beloved Disney filmCredit: www.amazon.comThis animated Disney film was considered to be the “cat movie” after Disney’s success with 101 Dalmations.  After an eccentric heiress leaves her cats all of her money, they are kidnapped by her irritated butler, Edgar.  Thomas O’Malley, the alley cat saves Duchess and her three kittens, and in Disney fashion, they fall in love.  Even though this movie was created over forty years ago, it still stands the test of time.

Robin Hood 1973

Disney's Robin Hood is an animated classicCredit: www.amazon.comRobin Hood may not be one of the well known Disney animated classics, but it is one that both boys and girls can still enjoy.  There is a lot of subtle humor and catchy tunes in this version of a well known story of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men.

Hercules 1998

Hercules is a top Disney animated movieCredit: www.amazon.comThis is another one of my personal favorite Disney animated movies.  Hercules, adopted by human parents after being taken from his Godly ones, finds himself a “zero” who turns himself into a “hero”.  With a rousing musical score, the deadpan voice of James Woods as Hades, and some great humor for adults, Hercules continued the trend of hit animated films produced by Disney throughout the 1990’s.

The Lion King 1994

The Lion KIng is an epic best Disney animated movieCredit: www.amazon.comWhile some parents may feel that this movie is for older children because of the death of Mufasa, this two-time Oscar winning Disney classic is simply one of the best animated films of all time.  It was unusual for Disney to have a father killed off, as this is typically the mother’s role in their animated fare.  The two tiered level of humor, combined with breathtaking animation, makes The Lion King shine brighter than many  early Disney animated movies.

The Princess and the Frog 2009

Disney's The Princess and the FrogCredit: www.amazon.comThe Princess and the Frog debuted Disney’s first animated leading African-American character.  A young woman with a dream and the determination to see it through, it is the story of Tiana and her restaurant for all people.  A jazz-inspired soundtrack accompanies this movie, which takes place in New Orleans at the turn of the century,

Aladdin 1992

Disney's Aladdin is one of the best animated moviesCredit: www.amazon.comAladdin followed The Little Mermaid in Disney’s animated movie empire of the 1990’s.  The tale of the orphaned boy, who turns to thievery to survive, is full of Academy Award winning music (two Oscars), as well as the mirth of Robin Williams.  His character, Genie, steals every scene he is in.  His antics and the jokes still stand up twenty years later.

Tarzan 1999

Disney's Tarzan is an animated movie classicCredit: www.amazon.comAnother Disney movie with an adoption story line that touches my heart, Tarzan has an incredibly upbeat soundtrack by the great Phil Collins of Genesis.  When Tarzan’s human parents are killed, he adopted by gorillas, although he in not accepted by all (until the end of the movie).  Jane helps Tarzan discover his human side, and once again, love conquers all.

Toy Story (entire series)

The Toy Story TrilogyCredit: www,amazon.comOkay, I know that I am over ten best Disney animated movies, but one cannot simply put in a single Toy Story movie.  Each sequel is better than the previous film!  With the third movie giving closure to the adventure’s of Andy’s toys, this film trilogy is one children and adults will sit through again and again. 

Toy Story was Pixar’s first release in 1995.  In this movie, we are introduced to Andy, Woody, Buzz Lightyear and all of Andy’s favorite toys.  We see what toys do when humans are not around!  Adults were able to be reintroduced to classic childhood toys brought to life.

In Toy Story 2, Woody discovers that he is a very hard to find collectible toy from a 1950’s television show, “Woody’s Roundup”.  We are introduced to cowgirl Jessie and Bullseye, Woody’s trusty horse.   How they all come together in an airport conveyor belt is one of the best scenes of the movie.

The trilogy concludes in Toy Story 3, when Andy goes off to college.  What happens to his toys?  Is it better to hang around in a plastic bag waiting to be played with by Andy’s kids, or is it better to be given to another child who can love and appreciate them the way Andy once did?

The ten (or more) best Disney animated movies are ones that I have personally seen dozens of times over the years.  Even now, my teenage daughter will join us for a night of Disney movies, as she just loves them.  I enjoy the excuse to sit and spend time with my family, enchanted by Disney's best animated films.