These days, themed parties occur frequently, as they make for a very memorable evening, and encourage friendly competitions to determine the "best dressed" individuals of the evening, among other things. If you're thinking of attending a party with a theme any time soon, and you also have a significant other, there are many options for you to consider regarding the best Halloween costumes for couples. Below is a list of the 10 best Halloween costumes for couples.

Halloween Costumes for Couples

1. Pirates. The ever-classic costume choice for Halloween is that of the pirate. With a renewed interest in the swashbucklers of the seas (think Pirates of the Carribean) as of late, pirate themes definitely offer some of the best Halloween costumes for couples. Numerous options for memborable party costumes exist. Females can find very sexy pirate maiden or pirate wench costumes, and males can find wardrobe choices ranging from heroic captains to the renegade scoundrel crewmen.

2. Super heroes. The super hero world also offers many choices regarding Halloween costumes for couples. You and your significant other can attend your next party as the arch-rivals cat woman and batman, or perhaps go a a hero and beautiful sidekick (batman and a female version of robin). Regardless of your choice, superhero costumes are always a big hit at costume parties.

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3. Princess and Knight. The romantic choice related to Halloween costumes for couples is that of the fairytale happy ending. Choose to attend your next social gathering as a princess and a knight, or perhaps go for a specific look such as prince charming or repunzle.

4. Nerds. This option, the complete opposite of romantic, can be extremely funny when choosing Halloween costumes for couples. Everyone has an inner nerd, and it is always fun to let him or her out for an evening! For your next get-together, hike up those pants, grab your pocket protector, make sure your glasses are taped with the finest duct tape, and pull our your best suspenders. It is time to wow your company!

5. Cowboy and cowgirl. If the medieval times and taped glasses aren't your thing, consider going "wild west" for the night. When considering the wide array of Halloween costumes for couples, you can save a great deal of money choosing to go the cowboy and cowgirl route. Simply round up a flannel shirt, a large belt buckle, some flashy boots, and a 10 gallon hat, and you're set for a night of fun. Of course, outfits can get as wild, or expensive, as you like. One thing is certain, attending a costume party in western apparel is a very acceptable choice.

6. Flight attendant and pilot. Of the Halloween costumes for couples available, this set is growing in popularity. Few pairs appear more distinguished or attractive than a pilot in a well pressed uniform and a flight attendant in a flattering blouse and skirt. Would you like to join the mile high club? Consider this option for your next party!

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7. Boxer and ring girl. Ever since the Rocky movies were produced there has been something inspiring about a fighter in the ring. If you're comfortable running around for the night in a silk robe, crazy shorts, and tall boots (the male of the couple), or in a bikini carrying a large sign that says "round 10" (the female of the couple), consider this show-stopping set of Halloween costumes for couples. Everyone will remember them!

8. Referee and cheerleader. A very popular choice in the realm of sports-related Halloween costumes for couples is the Referee and cheerleader combination. You could also choose to go as an officiating crew, both bearing the black and white striped uniforms. Either way, most costume parties have plenty of individuals dressed up as athletes, who need a good referee to keep them in line.

9. Nurse and patient. Another great combination of Halloween costumes for couples is that of the nurse and patient. Who doesn't want to be looked after by a beautiful nurse? If you can fashion a sling, and find some crutches and a stethoscope, you'll be in business with this costume selection. There are also plenty of versions for sale.

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10. Police officer and criminal. Finally, the age old cop and robber scenario. It can be fun to reprimand your significant other in a playful way. Handcuffs and a badge for this theme are a must. It is fun to take turns being the criminal or the officer (at different parties), and this set of Halloween costumes for couples is bound to succeed.

Many of the options regarding Halloween costumes for couples are popular, but if you get creative you can not only save money, you can also put a unique and personal spin, that will be remembered, on your outfits of choice. Above all, have fun at your next costume party! They are always extremely enjoyable.