Best Part Time Summer Job Ideas

Make Extra Cash This Summer

If you are a teacher, mom, student, or just someone in need of a part-time job during the summer, these ten best part-time summer jobs are for you. Forget about going anywhere else to look, these part-time jobs will suit anyone who might need a night job, or a weekend job. Let’s take a look below and find you that part-time job you need.

 10 Best Part Time Summer Jobs

 Tutor- #1 Summer Part Time Job Idea

 Tutor others on your free time. If you are a teacher in need of making a little extra money during the summer time, why not start a tutoring business. A lot of people are in need of tutors to get them through their classes. You can set your own hours, as well as rates, and help someone in the process. What better job for a teacher who is looking for part-time work.

 Home Day Care- #2 Best Part- Time Summer Job

 Start your own at home daycare. During the summer months, many parents need babysitters more than anything. Offer daycare services during the day or evening if you prefer. Charge a standard hourly fee, or if they need you more often, a flat fee. You even get to stay inside of your home for this part-time summer job. What more could you ask for!

 Pet Sitting Service- #3 Part Time Summer Job Idea

Start a pet sitting service. What better way to spend a few months than taking care of cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles, even turtles? You can charge a per pet per day price. It’s an excellent way to use the summer months to make the extra money you need.

 Part Time Retail Job- #4 Summer Job Idea

 Get a retail job at a store you like. Many retail stores hire numerous amounts of employees during the summer time. Part-time summer jobs can be found at more than 70% of all retail outlets in your area. You can either work during the day, night job or even weekend only hours.

 Lifeguard- #5 Best Part Time Summer Job

 If you live in an area where there is a beach or even community swimming pool, why not get a summer job as a lifeguard. Not only do you get to have the best tan out of all of your friends, you get to get paid doing it! This is a great part time summer job for high school or college students seeking employment. Earn extra cash while having a blast.

 Part Time Library Employee- #6 Best Summer Employment Opportunity

 School campus libraries, as well as city and county libraries, regularly hire students and moms during the summer time months. Since most libraries are only open during the week day, you can plan around your schedule to enjoy your weekend. This is a definite perk for those looking for a part time job that will not affect there weekend life.

 Parks and Recreation Job- #7 Best Part Time Summer Work

 Many parks and recreation departments are willing to train able body individuals as tour guides to provide community outreach and walking tours of local sites. This part-time summer job is perfect for college students or even adults who are looking for extra work during the summer months. It is a summer job that offers the reward of helping the community.

 Health Related Jobs- #8 Part Time Summer Job Idea

 Very responsible young adults and adults who are considering a career in health-care should test out the waters by working with adults at a senior center or as a home health aide during the summer time months. This can be a great opportunity to get experience, and get paid for it as well.

 Customer Service Representative- #9 Summer Part Time Work Idea

 Customer service representative are needed in many phone call centers, which pay very well I might add. Call centers will work around your everyday and give you the hours and pay that you need during the summer months. Not only do you get to be on the other side of the phone, but you get to have a great summer job at that.

 Online Writing- #10 Part Time Summer Job Idea

 You are reading this article on a website that allows you to write articles and make money online. Infobarrel is just one of many websites to write for. Try Hubpages, Bright Hub, or Associated Content as other good options. Write about topics you enjoy and have fun with it!

 See, that was not that difficult to find the ten best part-time summer jobs, now was it? All you have to do is apply yourself and seek the summer part time position that suits you best.

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