Since Oregon has many state and national parks it is a great place to spend some time when you decide to take a vacation. The state motto is ‘Alis Volat Propriis’ which translates to she flies with her own wings. Oregon has a variety of places where you can fly with your own wings and explore some of the many natural and wonderful sights.

1) Willamette Valley

This is one of the top tourist sites in Oregon and makes a stop here as one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. This is an area dedicated to wineries and fishing. Besides wineries there are 50 historic covered bridges to see. The Clackamas River is 80 miles long descending from the high cascades to the Willamette River in Oregon City and was the final leg of the Oregon Trail. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in Oregon.

2) Oregon Caves

These are located in the Siskiyou Mountains, which are one of the best vacation spots in Oregon and are called the Marble Halls of Oregon because the caves were formed when acid rainwater dissolved the marble within its reach which created one of very few marble caves in the world. One of the best tourist sites in Oregon cave tours are seasonal and go from late March until the end of October. Considered moderately strenuous you can see cave life and fossils or enjoy one of the summer candlelight tours and see the caves as early settlers may have by candlelight.

3) Crater Lake National Park

This is one of the top tourist sites in Oregon. It occupies approximately 183 thousand acres. Established in 1920 it is in southwest Oregon in the Cascade Mountain range making it one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. The lake itself is 20 square miles and you cannot swim in it. It is the 2nd deepest lake in North America with deep blue water going down 1923 feet. There is a scenic road around the crater and often has snow well into summer where it is often nice and cool.

4) Rogue River Valley Fishing

All along the 155 miles of the Rogue River you can see people fishing whether in a drift boat or standing in the water or at the edge. The area teems with various types of Salmon, Steelhead and bottomfish. There is ample access for boats and anglers in the many parks that dot the river’s edge. Popularized by western writer Zane Grey much of the river has well defined and maintained walking paths plus the excellent Valley of the Rogue State Park with trailer camping available making it one of the well visited best vacation spots in Oregon. Fishermen consider it one of the top tourist sites in Oregon.

5) Free Flight Bird and Mammal Rehabilitation Center

This is the location of Bandon’s bird hospital and it should be one of the top tourist sites in Oregon. This is not a petting zoo but a nonprofit center started in 1978. Its goal is to educate people about the rescued birds face to face. As it is located in Bandon, one of the best vacation spots in Oregon it convenient to visit and take a tour with at least a 24 hour notice. You may see brown pelicans or a red-shouldered hawk or a 19 year old great horned owl which was raised by humans or A-Shau who is a female bald eagle who came to stay after she was shot in her right wing.

6) Devil’s Lake State Recreation Area

This recreation area is located within minutes of Lincoln City, OR and is one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. You can find peace and serenity on the lake as you kayak or canoe around the three mile lake and observe nature at its best making it one of the foremost tourist sites in Oregon. Or enjoy one of the guided kayak tours and explore the beauty and the history of the area. Bird guides are also provided in this pet friendly area with a camping ground also.

7) Hells Canyon

This is the deepest river gorge in North America and it is one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. As one of the premier tourist sites in Oregon you can see jaw dropping scenery like the Painted Hills area in Kimberly within the John Day Fossil Beds National Park. Hells Canyon was carved by the Snake River and is an area renown for its camping, hiking, rafting and boating opportunities. It falls more than a mile below the west rim and offers spectacular vistas and beauty. There are no roads across its 10 mile width but you can touch a piece of the famous Oregon Trail.

8) Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area

This is one of the areas of Oregon that offers one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. Whether you like beaches, ocean, wildlife, picnicking, or roaming with your off highway vehicle on the miles of sculpted sand dunes this is one of the best tourist sites in Oregon. There are separate hiking areas and many camping spots. Children and adults will all find something to entertain them. Just enjoy one of the day areas but everyone can enjoy the sand dune’s beauty.

9) The Oregon Coastline

All along the Oregon coast, you can find many tourist sites in Oregon such as Brookings-Harbor which is at the junction of the Pacific Ocean and the Chetco River. In Brookings you can find world famous golf courses and pristine coastline with fantastic views. This is one of the best vacation spots in Oregon. Or attend the Southern Oregon Kite Festival which is an invitational event which brings renowned kite fliers from all over the world.

10) Shakespeare Festival

Located in Ashland this is one of the top tourist sites in Oregon. As one of the best vacation spots in Oregon this Tony winning festival has been in production since 1935. It also offers an extensive theatre education program.