When it comes to fishing in West Virginia, we've all heard some absolutely great things! But, what a lot of people don't know is, well, where the best fishing is! You have fly fishing in West Virginia, catfish fishing, bass fishing, and, of course, places that you can get your fishing license in West Virginia. But, a lot of people don't know the many great places that they can go fishing and what the absolute best places are to fish, either! So, here is a small list to help give you a better idea of the places that there are for fishing in West Virginia, whether you be tourist, local, newbie, or oldie!

Spruce Knob Lake

First, on our list of West Virginia fishing spots, is Spruce Knob Lake. This is a great location located in the middle of a camping ground. To get to the lake, you generally have to follow a first come, first serve type of rule. There will be fees for additional vehicles, but you can pretty much find all that you need in the area, whether it be for fly fishing in West Virginia or otherwise. However, the primary breed in that particular area would be trout, of which many varieties can be found. You will need a fishing license in West Virginia to fish in this particular reservoir.

Greenbrier River

Then you have the Greenbrier River, which is an excellent place to go fly fishing in West Virginia. There are quite a few different species, but the main one would have to be smallmouth bass. It also has trout fishing, if that's what you're interested in. This river has many forks and other bodies of water that least up to it. Again, make sure that you have your fishing license in West Virginia before you go to try and fish here. It wouldn't be a good idea to get a fine with all of these great fish around!

Cheat River

Then, you have the Cheat River, which is another area that you can go fishing within West Virginia. However, this area also has many areas that lead up to it. Fly fishing in West Virginia is also available here and you will definitely need a fishing license in West Virginia. Make sure to check out all of the areas around. They are freshwater, if that's important to you. There are quite a few brook trout in this area as well as many other species that you might be interested in.

Shavers Fork River

There is also Shavers Fork River, which is a main tributary leading into the Cheat River. This place for fishing within West Virginia also has many, many fish, including trout (There seems to be quite a bit of trout in West Virginia!). Fly fishing in West Virginia is available in this location, along with fishing licenses in West Virginia for this particular area. This particular tributary starts at the top of a mountain and winds down into the Cheat River. A beautiful place for both fishing and for the scenery!

Glady Fork River

Next, there is the Glady Fork River. Of the fishing in West Virginia, this is one of the best places, albeit being a bit fast-moving. You will find a lot of brook trout here and also smallmouth bass, if you can find them. This is another tributary that ranges off of the Dry River and also several other nearby rivers, including the Cheat River. You can find fly fishing in West Virginia in this area and you will, as always need a fishing license in West Virginia in order to fish in this area.

Bluestone Lake

Bluestone Lake is another great place for fishing in West Virginia. Make sure that you have your fishing license in West Virginia—it's definitely worth it! This particular area has a great reputation as the record holder for the largest striped bass at a whopping 29 lbs! Definitely worth a trip. There's also boating and games for those who aren't too big on fishing—and, of course, there is fly fishing. In West Virginia, where isn't there?! Great for the whole family.

Stonecoal Lake

Then you have Stonecoal Lake, which is known for its wide variety! You have several different types of trout, smallmouth, crappie, wall-eye, largemouth...the list goes on! You will need your fishing license in West Virginia. There is plenty of fishing in West Virginia, even fly fishing in West Virginia! And this is one of the best places that you can check out! If you're looking for a good fishing in West Virginia opportunity, give it a chance! You might not get the record-holder, but a close second is never a bad thing! Not to mention it makes for a great supper.


Then there's Sutton, WV, which is another great area for fly fishing in West Virginia and fishing within West Virginia. There are loads of camp grounds around this area, meaning that there are also loads of areas that you can stay if you plan on fishing. The camp grounds vary from your regular old camp ground, so you can choose from traditional, dig-a-hole-in-the-ground-for-a-bathroom camping or something a little bit more cozy. Make sure you have your fishing license in West Virginia!


Then, there's the good old Shenandoah. You will find both bluefish and smallmouths here. You will need to have a fishing license within West Virginia, which can be found fairly quickly. Ask a local for help. Keep in mind that you may need to fish around a tiny bit, though. This particular area does have a few patchy spots, but you can usually catch one or two fish. Again, you'll need to make sure that you have all of the required papers. A group license would probably be best if you have more than one person other person fishing with you.

Tygart Lake

Finally, there's the Tygart Lake. First of all, of all the places you can fish in the state of West Virginia, this is one of the most BEAUTIFUL lakes that you can possibly fish on! There are also quite a few places for fly fishing in West Virginia. There's also a need to remember your fishing license within West Virginia.