Rainforests are important ecosystems characterized by high rainfall. Rainforest are biologically very important as they provide a home for more than half the Earth’s population of flora and fauna, many which still remain undiscovered.  There are many rainforests on Earth, each is unique and worth venturing.

If you really want to experience nature at its best, try one of these rainforest tours for your next holiday.

#10 Mystic Mountain, Jamaica Rainforest Tours

 Mystic Mountain is situated in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It is a perfect eco-friendly holiday destination to take your whole family. There you will experience Jamaica’s beautiful rainforests and mountains. You can view the rainforest from above by taking a sky explorer tour and there are also fun activities for the kids such as bobsled rides, and the Mystic Mountain waterslide. For thrill seekers, it is recommended you try the Canopy Zip Line, which keeps you airborne during the entire rainforest tour.

#9 Tasmania Rainforest Tours

There is a good reason why Tasmania is amongst one of the favourite destinations for nature-loving tourists. Tasmania is an island located South of Australia with more than 10% of its land covered by temperate rainforests. Temperate rainforest are different as they are a lot cooler than a typical tropical rainforest. There are plenty of Australian wildlife found in Tasmania these include the Tasmanian long-tailed mouse, ringtail possum, pademelon, spotted-tailed quoll, dusky antechinus, the Tasmanian tree frog, tiger snake, brown skink and twenty-one species of native birds. Make sure when booking a tour to plan ahead. A few of the parks only allow a certain amount of guests at one time.

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#8 Rainforest Adventures Dominica

Located in the West Indies lies Dominica, a beautiful island with high mountain ranges, waterfalls, underwater hot springs, tropical rainforest and lush vegetation. It is an amazing tropical escape where visitors can explore the rainforests which is home to 175 species of birds, iguanas, tree lizards and colourful butterflies. The vegetation of Dominica creates a brightly coloured carpet of plant life, tree ferns, and flowers. There are varies tours and activities to try including the Gorge Zip challenge (the highest zip line in the Southern Caribbean), rainforest aerial trams, and the Chatannier nature trail.

#7 Saint Lucia's Rainforest Tours

St. Lucia is a beautiful tropical island and a rainforest paradise. St. Lucia is the ultimate rainforest destination for bird watchers. It has some of the rarest birds that can only be found on this lush island, the bird watch touring should definitely not be missed. Other rainforest tours include the tranopy zip line tour, the serpentarium, aerial tram, expedition and canopy tours

#6 O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat is located is one of Queensland’s most loved parks, Lamington National Park. There you will be able to escape into the lush beauty of the largest subtropical rainforest in the world. In fact Lamington National Park is listed as a World Heritage area, comprising of rugged mountain scenery, waterfalls, caves and unique plant life. You will be able to see some of the largest variety of exotic birds and an abundance of native Australian animals. For the best experience try the Tree Top Walk, an innovative walkway structure. You will be able to visit the observation deck which is 110 feet above ground. The view is spectacular.

Tree Top WalkCredit: O'Reillys

#5 Khao Sok National Park Tours

Khao Sok National Park is a hidden gem located south of Thailand. It is a great place to escape the crowd and enjoy the beautiful Thailand rainforests. It’s one of the few untouched places in Thailand with amazing scenery. There are several different tours you can try. You can canoe and explore the limestone cliffs and mountains, go elephant trekking across the jungle or even go on a guided hike through the rainforests and caves.

#4 Costa Rica Rainforest Tours

Costa Rica is covered by more than a quarter of rainforests and is a great place for nature lovers. There are several different National Parks in Costa Rica, each operating fantastic canopy tours. A recommended park to visit is Manuel Antonio National Park. During some of the adventure tours you may be able to spot some of the most exotic animals such as the two- and three- toe sloth and squirrel monkeys. If you love birds then don’t forget to try the bird watching tours. Other activities you should try are canoeing, snorkeling, horseback riding and the Costa Rica Pacific aerial tram.

Costa Rica Rainforest ToursCredit: Costa Rica Adventure Rainforest Tours

#3 Port Douglas Daintree Skyrail Tour

Port Douglas Daintree is located in North Queensland and is an ultimate eco-destination. There’s no other rainforest like this, as it is situated right next to Australia’s famous, Great Barrier Reef. A great way to explore Port Douglas Daintree is to take the Skyrail tour, this gives you an amazing bird’s eye view of the rainforests while riding on a cable car. The great thing is, once you have finished touring the rainforests you can go snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.

#2 Borneo Adventure Tours

Borneo is a large tropical rainforest located in South-east Asia and is divided between Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is estimated that the Borneo’s rainforests are 130 million years old, this makes Borneo the oldest rainforest in the world. You will truly see some amazing plant and animals not found anywhere else on earth. Wildlife includes Proboscis Monkeys, macaques, elephants, crocodiles, egrets, hornbills, and sea eagles. There are safari tours operated be expert guides who will guide through the magnificent jungles, mountains and rivers. This is definitely a must-visit for your nest South-east Asian holiday.

#1 Amazon Rainforest Tours

Amazon Rainforest MapCredit: wikipediaThe Amazon is the largest, most species rich and the most popular rainforest in the world. It has the highest biodiversity on Earth and because of this it is often known as the “Earth’s lungs”, making one of the most ecological important places in the world. Majority of the rainforest is located in Brazil (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia also share parts of the rain forests). There are so many different tours to try, so pick one based on your interest. The most popular places to partake in an Amazon rainforest tour is in Brazil, Peru or Ecuador. You can try Amazon cruises, guided nature walks, bird watching and wildlife tours. There is an endless amount of activities to try and don’t forget to bring your camera!

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