Below are a few  creative  new ways to vacation.  

1. Do nothing

Have you ever considered just not doing anything in particular? Are you ready to do nothing?   Sometimes it is great just to not have to get up in the morning to go work.   It is great   to sleep in.

2. Reading

Possibly you have several books that you have not had the time to read.  This would be a great time to catch up with your reading.

Reading(75333)Credit: Betty Asphy

3. Television

As much as television might be taken for granted.  Some people  are working so that they rarely have time to watch the television. Decide to catch up on some of those pictures that you have not had the time to watch.    So to just be able to take some time and watch your favorite picture during vacation would be a plus for some.

4. Camping

Maybe you aren’t able to go camping at your usual place this year.  What about camping out in the backyard with your family?   Children will just love this.   There is nothing like the outdoors, even if it is in your own backyard.  


This vacation possibly set up date times for you and your spouse.  Possibly dinner in the bedroom  or in your basement.   Basically in a different room in your house other than the kitchen.  


Maybe volunteer at an organization that you are fond of.  You would be giving back to the community during your vacation. 

7. Bicycle Rides:

The entire family can go bicycling in the park or on a Trailways.  Find simple Trailways in your city.   Trailways are fun  and great exercise for all.  Possibly you can stop and have a family picnic.   Do you remember the last time that your and your family went on a picnic. 

8. Cooking:

Does the family that cooks together stay together?   Try cooking a meal with the entire family.  Everyone will be able to take part in the preparation.   It should prove interesting. 


Kitchen CookingCredit: Betty Asphy

9. Spa

How about a spa event?   Have you been meaning to go to the spa, but you just have not taken the time?  Why not make a date  for you and your spouse?  Be sure to get a Manicure.   Just pamper yourselves.  Make this your most relaxing vacation.  I especially like this, because this will be a time to distress and come out feeling like a new person.

10. Free Events

Check the internet for free events that will be coming in your city, such as parades, health fairs, beauty fairs, free days at the Children’s Museum, free comedy shows, free concerts at church or downtown, festivals,  or free passes from the library for local events.  These are cheap yet enriching events.

Interactive MuseumCredit: Betty Asphy