Great Summer Jobs for High School Kids

Fun and Easy Work Ideas

Have you looked around for the ten best summer jobs for high school student, only to find a list that has nothing to do with summer jobs for high school students. Here is a true list of ten doable jobs that would be perfect for any high school student.

 Summer time is a time for teenagers to have fun and work part-time to make some extra money. Many teenagers know they want to make the money, they just cannot figure out exactly what they want to do. Here you will find ideas for the ten best summer jobs for high school students.

 Take a seat and let’s start finding the part-time job that will suit you and your needs.

 Grocery Store Job- #1 High School Student Summer Job Idea

 Local grocery stores in your area love hiring teenagers to work part-time during the summer time. Not only do they offer excellent hours and pay, the teenagers work with other teenagers and enjoy the time that they work.

 Movie Theatre Jobs- #2 Summer Job Idea for High School Students

 Movies theaters in your local area also hire teenagers part-time during the summer months to help with all the new releases that are scheduled to come out. Pay is usually minimum wage, but more than likely you get to watch all the new releases for no charge. What teenager would not want that type of part-time job? The high school student might also be able to eat free popcorn!

 Mall Job- #3 Summer Work for High School Students

 Malls in the area cannot wait for summertime, so they can hire teenagers to work in their stores. The more teenagers they hire, the more business they get from their friends and family. What more would a store want then business! Pay usually ranges from minimum wage to a few more dollars an hour, but money really is not the issue when you are working in a cool store.

 Babysitting- #4 High School Student Summer Job

 Start your own babysitting service .Parents will be more than willing to take a teen up on their babysitting capabilities over the summer months. Put flyers out through your neighborhood showing your prices and services. Set decent prices for your services and people will start calling you immediately.

Lawn Care Business- #5 Best Summer Job for High School Students

 Start your own lawn service in your neighborhood. Summertime is all about sun and rain, which in turn makes grass grow at enormous rates, which calls for people to mow the grass. Start sending out flyers to all your neighbors telling them of your services and your rates. Set them reasonably and you will not be sitting home doing nothing during the summertime.

Clerical Business Job- #6 Summer Job Idea for Students in High School

 Look around in your local area for part-time clerical work. Many businesses will give teenagers the opportunity to start working with them during the summer months. This gives teens extra money and some much needed experience for jobs later on in their life.

 Summer Camp Job #7 Best Student Summer Job

 If you live in an area where camps are located, take a drive over and see if they are offering any part-time positions that you can fill. Learning to be a camp counselor, kitchen help, even helping other teens through their day are just a few of the many part-time jobs that camps have to offer.

 Car Wash Business- #8 Best High School Student Summer Job

  Start a car wash and detailing service in your local neighborhood, or get with a convenient store and see if you can use some of the parking area. No one likes a dirty vehicle, and if the price is right, people will come to you over and over again so they don’t have to do it themselves. This is a perfect part-time summer job for a teenager who loves money, sun and water all wrapped up into one.

 Animal Shelter Job- #9 Fun High School Summer Job

 Do you love animals, and want to make some extra work over the summertime while enjoying them? Then give a few animal shelters or animal clinics a call to see if they have any part-time work for you to do during the time you have off. Maybe the pay won’t be exactly high, but you will be making some money while doing something you love.

 Fast Food Restaurant Job- #10 Best High School Student Summer Job

 Work at one of your favorite fast food restaurants. With the unlimited fast food places that are popping up all over the country, employers have no problem hiring teenagers for part-time jobs over the summertime. Depending on your age, your hours will vary, but the pay can be pretty decent if you check out a few places first before deciding which one you want to apply to.

 See, you came here to look for a list of the ten best summer jobs for high school student, and instead of getting a bunch of random ideas, you got exactly what you were looking for. Part-time jobs during the summer are a dime a dozen and can be found in basically any town in the country. All you have to do is figure out what you want to do, and start looking for it.

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