Great Summer Job Ideas for Teachers

Ways to Make Extra Cash

Are you a teacher who is looking for part-time work over the summer time, yet you can not seem to find or choose what exactly it is you want to do? Take a look below at the 10 best summer jobs for teachers. Here you will find summer job ideas that will turn you in the right direction while on your job search.

  Tutor- #1 Teacher Summer Job Idea

 Since you are already a teacher, why not offer your services during the summer as a tutor. You can pick and choose who you want to tutor and what subjects you wish to teach. Most people who are in need of a tutor over the summer, have no problem paying for high quality work. Charge what you see fit, and make the extra money you need.

 Summer School Teacher- #2 Best Teacher Summer Employment

  Offer your summer time to another school or college to make extra money during the summer months. It is a great way to meet new students, and feel useful at the same time. During the summer months, schools are usually at half time, which means they are only half days. You get to work and relax all in the same day!

 Summer Camp Work - #3 Summer Jobs For Teachers

  Summer camps are a great idea for teachers who are looking for summer work. Summer camp jobs are fun, exhilarating, and best of all they are seasonal. Find a summer camp by going online and seeing what is in your area, or not to far away. Enjoy your summer while getting paid for your services.

 Summer Day Care- #4 Work Idea for Teachers

  Another great employment opportunity for a teacher is helping at a day-care during the summer months. Many day-cares offer teaching and would love to hire a certified teacher to do so. Look around your area for a day-care that is offering part-time summer work.

 Freelancing Online- #5 Best Summer Job for Teachers

 While not every teacher will find this too appealing freelancing can be a great way to earn cash by doing something at which you are already good at. With the internet capabilities, teachers can find numerous jobs online to make the extra cash they need during the summer months.

 Nursing Home Job- #6 Summer Job Idea for a Teacher

  Get a part-time summer job at a senior citizen home. Many times these nursing homes do not offer services a teacher can offer. If you have a senior center in your area, go inside and offer your services to them. I can bet you that they will jump at the opportunity for a teacher to keep the seniors busy!

 Local Business Part-Time Job- # 7 Teacher Job in Summer

  A lot of teachers have no idea how many businesses are looking for capable people during the summer time. Office assistants, receptionists, even proof readers are a great part-time job for teachers who are in need of some extra money during the summer. Search around online or in the local newspapers for businesses looking for services you can offer.

 Resume Writer- #8 Best Summer Job for Teachers

  Offer your services as a resume writer for a great part-time job during the summer months. Resume writing is not an easy task for many people looking for jobs, and those who do have a hard time with it, will pay good money for the perfect resume to get that job they have been wanting. Charge reasonably and you will be sure to make enough money to enjoy it.

 Library Job- #9 Summer Work Idea for a Teacher

  Go to your local library to see if they are offering and part-time jobs during the summer time. Since you are a teacher, the library will sure to hire you to do something that will be useful for its patrons. Whether it be reading exercises for young children, or indexing books, working at the library has got to be one of the most relaxing jobs you can have.

 Internet Job- #10 Best Summer Job for Teachers

  Become an online guru at one of the many internet sites that offer advice and information to thousands of people. With the credentials you already hold, finding one of these internet, at home, part-time jobs is easy as can be. Once you get a few people who see that you know what you are talking about, the money will start rolling in. Exactly what you want!

 There you have ten best summer jobs for teacher. Another I thought of that did not make the list was a Real Estate Agent. My dad was a teacher and worked a summer job teaching at a local prison. Whether you want a part-time or full time job during the summer months, these options are great paying and fun to do. Happy job hunting to you teachers out there looking for a part-time summer work.

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