Are you heading on a trip soon? Maybe a weekend getaway or a dream trip to Europe? No matter your destination or length of stay, read on for the 5 best travel tips.

Tip #1

How to Pack

Pack light and don't bring more than you can carry yourself. I cannot stress this one enough. Bring a small carry-on bag that rolls onto an airplane and pack it with clothes and shoes. This size is manageable for you both in transit and once you get to your destination. You can wear outfits twice and then wash as you go along. Packing more will only weigh you down and be a hassle. Also pack an over-the-shoulder duffel bag or purse to carry as a day bag. This way you can walk around with your hands free to take pictures, hold maps, shop, and simply enjoy yourself without having to carry a bag in your hands all day. Also, since the bag is over the shoulder, it is harder for pickpockets to steal it since it crosses over your body. Backpacks may seem more attractive to you for a day bag, but they are also very attractive to pickpockets and are easy targets since the contents are out of sight for you.

Tip #2

Important Documents

Keep your passport, drivers license, and money in a safe place. It is usually best to carry these items with you at all times either on your person in a money belt or securely in your over-the-shoulder bag. If you are flying to your destination, pay special attention to these items when you go through airport security. You do not want to accidentally leave an important document in a screening bin at the airport.

Tip #3

Air Travel

If you are flying to your destination put your liquids in a small plastic bag in your purse. You want easy access to this at airport security. Wear slip on shoes the day you travel for ease when you go through screening since you will likely have to take your shoes off. Also, wear very comfortable clothes that day. You will be sitting on a rigid airplane seat for a while, so take care to be as comfortable as possible. It can be helpful to wear a coat to the airport and then roll it up to use as a pillow on the plane. This is a dual use of the item. The more you can use an item for more than one thing, the better when you travel. Lastly, don't be afraid to talk to the people sitting next to you at the airport or on the plane. I have met some of the coolest people on flights, the producer of the TV show Psych for instance. You never know who you are surrounded by, so be friendly!

Tip #4

Consider Taking a Cruise

Cruises are a fantastic way to travel. They are like moving hotels with unlimited food and entertainment. They are a great place to meet new friends too. This is an especially good option if you are traveling alone because they provide loads of fun in a relatively safe environment where you won't be all alone. They are also great for families because of all the family-friendly activities aboard most cruise lines. Most excursions are all planned for you and activities are well supervised. It's also a blast to just be on a boat as part of your trip and there are many deals to be found when it comes to cruises.

Tip #5

Once at Your Destination

Once you have made it to your destination, don't try to do every single thing. Prioritize and pace yourself. Never walk out in a sketchy area alone at night, especially if you are a woman. Go with other people around who you trust. If you are in a foreign country, try the language. Yes, you will make mistakes, but so does everybody. You won't regret trying, and the locals will appreciate your effort. Also, if you are renting a car at your destination, go with a large brand name. Smaller companies can have great deals, but they tend to be harder to work with than larger brand companies. Whatever your travel plans may be, I hope these tips are helpful and bon voyage!