Best Youth Summer Job Ideas

Are you are a teenager searching for a paying, part-time job or even volunteer work, then this is the place you need to be. Below you can see that there are ideas for the ten best youth summer jobs. Although there are tons of ideas you can try, these are the most common choices that most teenagers will choose to do for money on their summer vacation. Find the youth summer job that fits your interests and go for it!

 Freelance Writer- #1 Best Youth Summer Job

 Become a freelance writer over the summer. There are websites out there that offer part-time writing jobs for both fiction and nonfiction. Most will ask for a writing sample or for you to take a test, before being able to make money. If you love writing, and love money too, then this is the perfect paying job for a teenager. A word of caution, any reputable freelance writing job on the internet will never ask you for any money down.

 Car Washing Service- #2 Great Summer Job for Youth

 Car washing and detailing is another great summer job for young people. If you love the sun and the water, what better way to make some extra money then by using both. Get permission and use an area of a yard or parking lot to hold a car wash. Do it yourself or ask the help of a few friends and split the profits. This is a fun way to make extra cash and have a part-time job during the summer.

 Dog Walking Business- #3 Best Youth Summer Job

 Dog walking is another part-time job for kids or teenagers to do during the summer. Many people do not have the time to walk their pets daily. Advertise yourself through your neighborhood or at your local strip mall as a pet walking service and walk pets around the neighborhood for a small fee.

 Small Photography Business- #4 Best Jobs in the Summer for Youth

 Do you like taking photographs; maybe you want to make some extra money doing it while it is summertime? Well if you are a teenager who has a camera and a good sense of photography, you may have an opportunity to make small advertisements for local businesses or even sell your photos online. You will be doing something you love, and making extra money doing it!

 Tutor/ Big Brother/Big Sister- #5 Best Youth Summer Jobs

 Are you a kid or a teenager who likes to help other kids? If so, then offer your services as a big brother or big sister, or as a tutor for school subjects that other kids are having problems with. You can charge a reasonable hourly or half hourly rate and watch the money come in.

   Errand Running Service- # 6 Youth Summer Job Idea

 Start an errand running service for those near you who are short on time and do not have enough time to get everything done in a day. For parents who have more than one child and 24 hours is just not enough hours in the day, this is an excellent part-time job to start. Grocery shop, get dry cleaning, go to the post office, little things that take so much time doing. Advertise by creating your own fliers and posting them all over town, once word gets out, you will be busy making great money and having a good time doing it on your own!

 Lifeguard- #7 Best Youth Summer Work Position

 For kids and teenagers who are great swimmers, becoming a part-time lifeguard is a great way to pass the time and have a part-time job doing it. Most local pools need several part-time lifeguards and are willing to make sure all training is up to date by providing it for you. Not only are you working, you are getting a tan while working. What teenager would not want that!

 Mall Job- #8 Best Summer Youth Job

 Malls are a haven for quirky boutiques and are and will always be teen hangouts. Most places that teens hang out will also hire teens in the hopes that their friends will stop by and spend some money while doing so. Clothing stores, music stores, food court, or even a department store, is the best place to look for your part-time job.

 State Park Job- #9 Best Youth Summer Job

 Get a part-time job at a state park. State parks and recreational facilities need people to maintain them, some of the jobs at a recreational park can include taking care of the grounds, attending to campers, cleaning buildings and campsites, or even helping the animals. Teenagers will enjoy this part-time job while making good money as well.

 Fast Food Restaurant Work- #10 Best Youth Summer Job

 Get a job at a fast food restaurant in your area. Many fast food joints love to hire teenagers during the summer months. This gives them adequate enough employees during those months when fast food restaurants are extremely busy during the summer with all the kids being out of school.

 There you have the ten best youth summer jobs to choose from. Whether you pick one or two of them, enjoy and be responsible with the job you do get during the summer.

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