They start slowly at first.


You’re nervous but comfortable in your base headquarters, ready to defend the perimeter against the walking dead. Its pitch black. The first zombie is spotted by the lights you’ve added and quickly shot down by one of your cannons. Can you survive?

While playing Dohi Entertainment’s BioDefense Zombie Outbreak, one of the new top-tier zombie apps, its easy to forget that you’re interacting with an IPhone application. The challenge of keeping yourself alive seems to draw you right into a world of face-paced, zombie-killing action.

Survival is your priority as you quickly gather toxium, a neon-green chemical found in small swamps out in the darkness. Headquarters has supplied you with two types of weapons: upgradeable rapid-fire cannons and rocket artillery. The toxium is gathered and enriched via toxium collectors which you construct over the swamps in order to provide energy to construct new buildings and weapons.

As the zombies advance on your base in stronger and stronger waves, you can only hope that you’ve created your network of lights, weapons, and toxium collectors strategically enough to hold off impending doom. Here’s ten tips to help you last longer against the dead in this classic iphone zombie app.

1) Mine the toxium swamps closest to your base as quickly as possible. Construct at least 7 right away.

2) Sometimes your headquarters will be positioned closer to one side of the the square-shaped boundaries of the game. Move your network of lights to the nearer side and begin mining toxium.

3) Gather toxium on the edges: You’ll want to extend your network of lights and artillery to the edges of the game boundary as quickly as possible. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to mine more resources on the edge of the maps when the zombie waves are stronger and more fierce later in the game, so exhaust the toxium pools at the edge of the map first.

4) Your network of lights should interconnect, so that if a rogue walker takes out a light, not all of your guns and lights from that point go black. If your resources are left in the dark, they are quickly bashed by zombies. Make your network connect back to each other.

5) Start building a strong perimeter defense for you headquarters. You’ll want to surround it with a circle of cannons at least 2 cannons deep. Add as many rocket launchers as possible behind the line of cannons. Here’s the thing: the zombie waves only continue to get stronger as the game time ticks on, so think big! You need guns, guns, and more guns surrounding your headquarters. And upgrade your rocket launchers! These will be key in splatting future hordes of oncoming zombies.

6) Need more toxium resources to build more defenses? Once a toxium pool has been depleted, start removing the guns, lights, and towers around the empty pool. This increases your ability to create more defenses around your home base while freeing you from having to worry about keeping that part of your defense network safe from the advancing dead.

7) When you’re mining toxium in a dangerous area or a part of the map that’s proving difficult to defend, increase the speed of the toxium container. Mine the pool as quickly as possible and get out!

8) Explore the map. Light it up. Finding and gathering all the toxium that you can will allow you to build more defenses, kill more zombies, and increase your survival time. Remember, its easier to search the map and mine the edges of the map earlier in the game, so drop lights all over the map from the start.

9) If you feel like an area of your light network is vulnerable to being knocked out by zombies and left in the dark, add lights 2 or 3 layers deep. Additionally, if a zombie is bashing one of your lights, add another light right near it. Then a cannon. (Not the other way around). By doing this, you keep your light network from going in the dark temporarily.

10) Found several toxium pools in close proximity? Add a few rocket launchers to the middle of the pools. They’ll take car the of zombies around the perimeter of the green stuff, while you suck up the toxium.

By using these strategies, you’ll be able to push your survival time near or past the 2-hour mark. Once you draw back after mining all the toxium that you can, the real fun begins. See how your heavily-fortified base performs as it blasts away at the continually growing hordes of zombies running right at you!


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