There are millions of blogs in the big wide world of the blogosphere and some only bring in a trickle of traffic whilst others are known for large amounts of traffic on a daily basis. The big question that every new blogger asks is how to get web traffic on the same sort of level as the big guys?, what do I have to do to improve my blog so I can get more web traffic? and when do I start making money with all my blogs?

Another question that gets asked a lot from impatient bloggers is whether they should just buy traffic or how do they get free web traffic. Of course without traffic it can be really frustrating.

The questions go on and on. Often people who have been pulling in all the traffic have been writing online for some time. This is one of the main topics what people blog about.

Some people get web traffic like this

web traffic(133894)

Here are 10 blogs which bring in a large amounts of web site traffic


Owner, Darren Prowse has been giving blogging tips on this blog since 2004. Subjects such as making money with your blog, writing content, RSS and affiliate programs are covered. By referring to a site like this you will pick up a lot of tips as a blogger. He answers questions like how to get targeted traffic or how to get more web traffic in the most effective way.

Daily Kos

This is probably the most popular political blog . It mostly discusses American politics. The Daily Kos was founded by Markos Moulitas Zuniga in 2002. There are various people who contribute to the blog and it has a strong community. This website has gone down a lot in the rankings. It used to get over 20 million visitors, but obviously this depends on the elections.


Engadget started in 2004. Everyone loves finding out about the latest gadget or if something is worth buying, which is why Peter Rojas started this blog.

Perez Hilton

Some people blog according to trends and when Perez Hilton was big, this blog was getting more than 8 million visitors to the site every month. However, now things have quietened down and the blog claims less than 1 million views every month these days.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post gets an astounding amount of web traffic. Everyone enjoys news and reads it from all over the world. This site is well organized and people obviously enjoy coming here. It has an Alexa Rank of 96.

The Bleacher Report

Of course, we all love sport, and this is just what this site is about, that pulls in 12 million fans every month, checking up on the latest scores, results and updates.  This site started up in 2008 and it just keeps on growing with a strong list of twitter followers. It doesn't look like this site is going anywhere soon.


Yet another blog dedicated to celebrity gossip with an estimated 18 million visitors per month. It seems people can’t escape reading about the latest piece of gossip, catching up with their favourite star or just browsing to see what’s going on in the world of fame and fortune.

Aaron Gleeman

Blogging all about baseball has brought in millions of fans since 2002. Aaron is a big fan of baseball and it is great for him to share his passion with other people on this blog. Just about anything under the sun can be found about baseball here. He has a lot of indirect visitors as well which helps him get more web traffic.

I Can Haz Cheez Burger

There are some outrageous blogs out there in the blogosphere. You wouldn’t think they would draw in so much web traffic. Some of them don’t get masses of web traffic, at least not as much as 60, 000 a day like this one does, which is based around pictures of cats with captions attached.

Gizmodo, The Gadget Guide

Another gadget site that is very popular that receives almost 6 million a month. The site is up to date with several contributors adding input to help keep the blog professional and in touch with the latest gadgets. It is worth taking a look at.