When someone says bachelor party the first thing that most people think of is a group of guys doing a lot of drinking and going to strip bars. And yes there is good reason for this because historically this is a common theme of many last single nights at least that is what Hollywood would like us to believe. But in actuality how many men really have this type of party? And of those that do how many truly enjoyed it? I would have to say that many men whether they admit it or not actually feel guilty about it, at least afterwards. I mean you obviously love a woman so much that you are planning to spend the rest of your life with her and here you sit drunk and surrounded by strippers. That’s guilt worthy in my book. Well bachelor parties don’t have to be this way and it Take a Dive Before You Take the Plungedoesn’t mean you’re less of a man. It just means you have morals and standards which is probably a few of the reasons she’s marrying you in the first place. So what other options are there I mean everyone still want to have a good time besides that it is your last night as a “free man” go have some good clean fun with the boys. Now coming up with something to do really shouldn’t be that hard, like everything else in life you are only limited by your own (and your best mans) imagination, scary huh. What to do, what to do, what to do. Ok so if you’re drawing a blank and need some inspiration here is a list of 10 activities to consider for your bachelor party.

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How to Spend your Last Day as a Free Man

Clean Bachelor Party Ideas

First think of any hobbies you might have or wish list activities that you would love to do but have never taken the time.

  • Fishing Trip – Rent a boat if someone doesn’t already have one find a big lake and spend the whole day fishing. Or this could be expanded on and you could throw in some skiing or tubing.
  • Golfing Trip – Find an awesome golf course and spend the day golfing.
  • Sporting Event – Maybe you love some sport like baseball, basketball, football or even boxing or UFC. Find a game or match to go to and make a day or two of it.
  • Riverboat Casino – Now this one could get somebody in trouble but done right it could be a blast. Besides that if you do decide to drink you can stay in the hotel right on the boat.
  • Paintball – What is more fun than running around shooting balls of paint at your best friends?
  • Go Shooting – Find a local skeet shooting club and spend the day shooting guns.
  • Racing – Just about every major city in the country has a go-cart track. Go out and drive the wheels off.
  • Scavenger Hunt – Now if you know someone that is really into this type of thing have them come up with a hunt for your city. If done right this can be a blast. And you can get some cheesy prizes for the winners.
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Now if you really feel adventurous you can...

  • Go White Water Rafting – This can be one of the best times you can have and chances are you live within a few hours drive of an outfitter.
  • Go Skydiving – Ok so this might not be for everyone but I guarantee no one will forget it. Besides most times if you get enough people to go one person gets to jump for free. 

So there you go 10 awesome activities for a clean but fun bachelor party. Many of these activities can last as long as you want so it is very possible to fit several into a day or two. If enough thought and preparation goes into the planning the pay back will be a once in a life time event that no one will soon forget which is a lot better than thinking I wish she would forget. Have fun and be safe.