Do you want to buy your kid a gift that will totally surprise them and instantly make you the favored parent? Here's a list of the top 10 holiday gifts.

#1 Kiddie Ice Rink

The Kiddie Ice Rink is sure to make your child happy this Christmas and also will allow them to burn of a lot of the extra calories they ate. The Kiddie Ice Rink is similar to that plastic wading pool you put in your yard for the kids to use during the summer months except this one is designed for winter use. It is a mini ice skating rink that kids (and some parents) will love. The Kiddie Ice Rink can be ordered online for about $50.00. It's also recommended that you buy a safety helmet and wrist guards as well.

#2 Silverton Kicksled

The Silvertonn Kicksled is anamazingg way for kids and adults to burn off calories.(And Dogs too). The Silverton Kicksled allows one person to sit on the sled and another person to stand behind the sled "Musher Style" as they kick to move the sled.

The Silverton Kicksled can be used on any hard packed snow snow or ice surface. The Silverton Kicksled was also designed to allow you to harness up a dog or two with an optional Dog Mushing add on. The Silverton KickSled is available online for around $300.00

#3 Little Tikes Summer Adventure Mulching Mower

This Mulching Mower will keep you child busy for hours as they push it around and listen to the beads popping. The throttle adjustment also makes a clicking noise and the gas cap is removable. Perfect for outdoor use for your child to emulate what they see dad doing. This gift however will not wait for summer and your child will be just as happy pushing it around the house. It retails for $25.00

#4 Jump-O-Lene Trampoline

The Jump-O-Lene Trampoline is an inflatable mini trampoline with safety sides. Now you can let your kids jump like the big kids do but in a sager environment. The Jump-O-Lene Trampoline is available for $79.97 and comes with free shipping.

I also recommend that you buy an automatic air pump to inflate the trampoline.

#5 Snow Dino Kit

The Snow Dino Kit is available for $9.95 and comes with a dinosaur mold to make a snow dinosaur. How proud would your child be when dad and mom helped make them the ONLY dinosaur snowman in town. The reusable Dino mold also comes with accessories to decorate your snow Dino.

#6 Solar Bag

The Solar Bag is available from for $17.95. The Solar Bag is basically a long bag. A very big bag. You fill it with air by running and then tie the ends shut. In 5-10 minuted the heat from the sun will warm the air in the bag and cause it to rise up and float. If you have a Solar Bag hovering high over the skies over your Snow Dino then you would be the coolest house in the neighborhood according to all of the kids.

#7 Gangster Shoot Game

The Gangster Shoot Game is available from for $34.99. This game is popular with every boy and many girls like it too. This shooting game comes with an infrared pistol that you shoot at "Gangster" targets. Fun for hours. Dad will like it too.

#8 Screeching Slingshot Monkey

This is an very inexpensive gift that everyone will find funny. The screeching monkey is shot slingshot style and flies through the air as it "screeches". Popular in the work place as coworkers shoot one thru the air over their unsuspecting coworkers heads and. Many funny videos of these being shot of can be seen on YouTube.

#9 Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Edition

Lincoln Logs are a classic gift kids of all ages love to play with them. Lincoln Logs can help you reminisce too when you were a child playing on the floor building a cabin. The problem with modern Lincoln Logs are many of them are made of plastic and when you do find the wood ones available they are a different shade of stain than they originally were.

Lincoln Logs are one of those toys that even the grandparents get excited about. Grandparents can play with the Lincoln Logs and enjoy them as much as your child. The best part of Lincoln Logs is that they do not use batteries and when the kids ar eplaying with Lincoln Logs Dad will still be able to watch his TV.

Lincoln Logs are on of those timeless gifts. They can take years of abuse and still be passed on for the next generation to play with. When buying Lincoln Logs don't choose the smallest set available. The more pieces the better, however, if you buy a 400 piece Lincoln Log Set you will spend a lot of time helping your kids pick them up off the floor to put back in the tin.

The Lincoln Logs Bicentennial Edition are made of real wood and are stained the same shade as the original Lincoln Logs. They come in a collectable tin. Lincoln Logs are always a great gift for kids.

#10 Child Safe Archery Set

The Child Safe Archery Set sells for $39.99. It is a bow and arrow set, a quiver and a target. The arrows are suction cups so you will not have to worry about the safety of you pet cats. The Child Safe Archery Set is good for helping kids with their hand eye coordination but more importantly the Child Safe Archery Set is a lot of fun for kids.

There are many gifts that will make you a hit with your kids come Christmas day. Each parent usually knows which gifts their kids will like but I'd like to suggest you experiment. Buy something you may not of ever thought of before. Chances are your kids will love it.