Tech gadgets that are eco friendly

The green movement is finally catching on with the public, but that doesn't mean that it has been adopted as the "cool" thing to do. In a world devoted to technology, green leaders may find it easier to convince people to go eco-friendly with innovative new gadgets. These convenient green products are easy to use, good for Mother Nature, and surprisingly sophisticated. 

1. EcoCube Cardboard Speakers

Everyone loves blasting music from their iPods and smart phones, but a lot of people struggle to afford decent speakers. EcoCube cardboard speakers provide a great solution to this dilemma in a package that is great for the environment. The boxes have a cool green and white design on them, with a label that says, "make your mark." Which is exactly what you'll do if you invest in these speakers.

2. PowerPlus Leopard Solar Remote

Solar power has worked its way into many consumers' most basic gadgets and green products. In addition to using solar powered calculators and outdoor lamps, you can change the channels on your TV with a solar remote. Obviously, it is nice to have a product that is eco friendly, but the true benefit of investing in the Leopard remote is that you won't have to ever worry about replacing the batteries. The remote charges fastest when you leave it in direct sunlight, but it will also charge in shadier areas. 

3. HydroRight Toilet Water Saver

Do you want a water saving toilet but don’t have the kind of money to spend on brand new bathroom appliances? If so, the HydroRight water saver may be a good option for you. It can be installed in less than ten minutes without the use of any tools. The HydroRight allows you to use 70 percent less water.

4. SoyPrint Soy-Ink Cartridge 

Printer toner is awful for the environment. Well, regular printer toner, that is. SoyPrint Soy-Ink cartridges are actually easy on the environment, as they are made from naturally grown soybeans. The company even sends custom reports to track your positive impact on Mother Nature.

5. NovoThink Surge Solar iPhone Case

If you're sick of having to remember to charge your iPhone all the time, you'll love the NovoThink Surge Solar iPhone Case. This phone case harnesses the power of the sun to keep your iPhone charged and ready to go at all times. 

6. Cyber-Rain Sprinkler Controller

You probably already know that your lawn sprinkler uses up ungodly amounts of water. But that isn't stopping you from trying to keep your lawn nice and green so that the neighbors won't talk. The Cyber-Rain Sprinkler Controller will make sure you use just enough water to keep the grass happy, but not so much that your lawn turns into a swamp.

7. HYmini Winder Charger

Solar chargers are great in places like Arizona, but what do you do if you live somewhere that is perpetually cloudy? If your locale happens to be on the windy side, you can use HYmini's wind-powered charger to keep your phone juiced up.

8. Bits Limited Smart Strip

Smart Strip surge protectors make it easy to use less energy. When you're heading out for the day, you ordinarily don't enjoy wasting time turning off all of the electronics and appliances. With a surge protector, one simple switch will turn everything off at once, safely. Bits Limited also manufacturers child-safe surge protectors, so you can teach your kids how to save energy too.

9. TED: The Energy Detector 

Are you curious how much energy you are using and how much you are wasting? Find out with The Energy Detector (TED). This handy system allows you to track energy usage and find ways to use less. If you're away on vacation, you can still see how much energy you're wasting, because TED can be used from a remote location.

10. Water-Powered Alarm Clock

The only thing needed to power this sleek-looking alarm clock is a little water. Or, if you don't have any water, the clock can run on soda or beer as well. The clock's internal structure is built to convert electrons from liquid molecules and transform them into an electrical current. Don't worry about having to constantly replace the water. The alarm clock only uses a minute amount.