San Diego is one of those towns that has almost perfect weather. You can easily go to the Beach or catch a professional baseball game. You can go watch an NFL team play a game or you can ride a bike on the boardwalk.

Military historians love San Diego. The rich Heritage of the Militay is alive and well in the town. Navy and Marine Personaell can be seen all over. You can watch military jets fly in the shy or you can watch the submarines and ships enter into the harbor of Point Loma.

The diversity of San Diego is amazing. You can ;literally find people from almost every ethnic group and nationality residing in San Diego. San Diego is a large town that still retains some of the small town benefits such as a friendly atmosphere that would Make Andy Griffith feel right at home.

10. San Diego Skyline at Night

San Diego Downtown at NightCredit: Flickr/robsettantasei

San Diego has a beautiful downtown cityscape that looks awesome at night time with boats in the harbor.

9. SeaWorld

SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld in San Diego is a very popular destination.  SeaWorld is popular with both visitors to San Diego as well as the residents who live in the area. 

8.San Diego HDR Photo

San Diego HDRCredit: Flickr/peasap

The Beauty of the San Diego Skyline as seen from Coronado Island.


7.Maritime Museum

Star of India in San DiegoCredit: Flickr/jimmyweee

The San Diego Maritime Museum is chocked full of cool ship and submarine history inclusing the Star of India. The Star if India was built in 1863 and can still be seen floating at the Maritime Museum in San Diego. The floating history is amazing. The fact that the Star of India is still able to be used as a ship on the open water is truly amazing!

6. Dog Beach

Dog Beach San Diego, CaliforniaCredit: Flickr/ewen and Donabel

Dog Beach in Del Mar is named because it is one of the few beaches were dogs are welcomed openly. During the summer you can find dogs chasing frisbees, digging sand, swimming, and even surfing.


USMC MCRD San DiegoCredit: Flickr/lavadog

The United States Marine Corp Recruit Depot is home to one of the militaries hardest boot camos for young men.

4. Wild Animal Park

Lion at Wild Animal Park in San DiegoCredit: Flickr/little blue hen

The World Famous Zoo may get most of the attention, but do not over look the Wild Animal Park. The Wild Animal Park is an extremely fun place to visit. If you like Zoos then you will love the Wild Animal Park.

3. Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm Stadium in San DiegoCredit: Flickr/ SD Dirk

The Chargers play all of their home games here. The NFL Fans in this area tend to hate the Raiders fans, but it is usually just in good fun. Besides NFL games there are numerous other events staged here including concerts.

2. Petco Park

Petco Park home of the San Diego Padres MLB Baseball TeamCredit: Flickr/Tostie14

The Padres use to play at Qualcomm stadium before they built Petco Park. Petco Park is a new field, but it feels like the old school baseball parks of yester-years. Note how the old building was kept standing at the design of the stadium incorporated the historic building. The Padres really hit a home run with the design and construction of this stadium.

1. The Beaches

San Diego BeachCredit: Flickr/scragz

Out of everything you can see and do here the beach has got to be ranked number one. Enjoying the beach is the best choice. You can swim, fish, meet people, or simply lounge in the sun and relax. The Beach is a fun way to cool off after spending a day exploring the greatest town in Southern California.