If you ever get to visit the African nation of Algeria then you will be in for a true adventure. Algeria is not normally thought of as a tourist spot, especially by Americans; however, if you ever can make it to Algeria you will be surprised at what the Country can offer. Here are 4 cool Reasons to visit Algeria.

1. Our Lady of Africa

This is a situated location know as  an African Basilica. The Lady of Africa (or OUR) is often referred to as the Notre Dame d'Afrique, it is appointed near the location of Algiers.


2. Algerian Desert

The Algerian Desert is very beautiful. Algeria has a lot of desert area and the desert areas make up the vast majorly of this African Country. The Sahara Desert is also partially in Algeria.

3. The People

The people of Algeria come from a very diverse background. You will see the Algerians wearing traditional garb such as the gentlemen in the picture here; however you also will see young men wearing clothing that would fit right in with the young men in the United States. You can find Algerians sporting Nikes and Budweiser shirts. Levi 501’s are extremely popular here. Not everybody that lives in Nigeria lives in a mud-bush-hut.

4. Algerian Hybrid Power Plant

Many people within the United States have a stereotypical view of Algeria and seem to think everyone from that area lives in a mud hut, is a terrorist, and stones women to kill them when they act up. The vast majority of Algerians do not fit any of this criteria. The Algerians can actually show you some very advanced technology including this hyrbid power plant that was built in Algeria. The technology in Algeria is being used for good things and not Nuclear Weapons.


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