Alabama may have more EF5 tornadoes than any other State, but the people are very resilient and refuse to move away. They not only love the history of their state, but they are genetically destined to continue on with that Great Alabama Spirit that they and their ancestors posses. There are numerous cool things to see and do in Alabama. Here is a good cross-section of the top 10 things to see and do in Alabama. Your list may vary, especially if you like history.

If you are into history you can map out an entire vacation based around the aspect of history that you are interested whether it be the Civil Rights Movement history of the 60’s, The Civil War, or some other aspect of history. Alabama is truly soaking in some very historical moments and History Buffs love Alabama.

10. Auburn University


Auburn University has been around since the early 1800’s; however it was not until 1960 that Auburn Officially received the status of a University. The name was also changed officially to Auburn in 1960. Many people such as me love to watch the Auburn Men’s Basketball team.

9. Birmingham


Birmingham was central in the Civil Rights battles of the 1960s. The enduring freedoms obtained still resonate today. Birmingham was the site of many historic civil rights moments including the famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written by Dr. Martin Luther King. The crime rate is extremely high in Birmingham, but unlike many other large Cities the Downtown area is relatively safe.


8. Big Spring Park, Huntsville

Big Spring ParkCredit:

Downtown Huntsville is home to the Big Spring Park. Big Spring Park is a nice clean and interesting place to walk around. It is really pretty and you can meet a lot of friendly locals who also come out to Big Spring Park.


7. Alabama State Capitol

Alabama State CapitolCredit:

The Alabama State Capitol is located in Montgomery.  The famous Selma Civil Rights march led by Dr. Martin Luther King ended at the Alabama State Capitol.


6. Mobius Arch

Mobius archCredit:

The Alabama Hills have been used to film numerous movies in this area. There are numerous rock formations and you may feel like you have been transported back in time to the old west days, yet you are still on the East Coast. One of the coolest items in the Alabama Hills is the Mobius Arch which is seen in the picture above. The Mobius Arch is very popular subject for photographers.


5. Gulf Shores Alabama Beach

Gulf Shores AlabamaCredit:

Gulf Shores, Alabama has a lot of neat stuff to do including music festivals each summer, but the best part about this community is the Gulf Shores Alabama Beach. Unfortunately this community suffered from the devastating BP Oil spill; however tourism levels almost recovered to the pre-spill levels. Fishing is also extremely popular in this area. You can go on chartered fishing trips and have a super fun time if you enjoy sport fishing.

4.  Montevallo

American VillageCredit:

Montevallo, Alabama is a tiny town with a population of under 5,000 residents. When you visit Montevallo make sure you take you camera when you head down to see the cool tree carvings at Orr Park. In the picture above is the American Village.   

3. Talladega Speedway


This 2.66 mile track is one of the most popular racetracks used by NASCAR. Each year fans pack the stands to watch the racing action on this uniquely designed racetrack.


2. Montgomery Alabama

Birmingham, ALCredit:

Montogomery, Alabama is home of the Martin Luther King JR led bus boycott,

1. Alabama Football

The Alabama Crimson Tide is historically one of the best football programs of all time. One of the most famous coaches was Paul “Bear” Bryant who coached the Crimson Tide until 1982.  Even if don’t follow college football you may still know who Bear Bryant is from the movie The Junction Boys.

No visit to Alabama can be complete without attending a Bama’ football game. Even if you are not a fan of Alabama, it is still going to be a lot of fun to see the passion of the Crimson Tide fans.

Alabama has many Hall Of Fames category listings famous people from Alabama. My personal favorite is the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame. In addition you can find other Alabama based hall of fames including the Alabama Military Hall Of Fame. The Alabama Hall of Fame was started in 1951 to recognize Alabama residents who have achieved major accomplishments.

Jim Nabors, most famous for his role as Gomer Pyle on the television show The Andy Griffith, was born and raised in Alabama. The Nabors family moved away from Sylacauga to California where Jim Nabors went on to become a successful singer and actor. Nabors did not move to California though until he was older.

In the Alabama Aviation Hall of fame you will find inductees such as NASA Astronaut Jan Davis and Wilbur and Orville Wright.

Regardless of where you travel to in Alabama you will find interesting things to see and do. Alabama has so much history that there is always going to be something interesting to everybody, even kids who normally think they may dislike history.

Winters in Alabama are pretty moderate and rarely have to worry about snow; however summers can get pretty hot and very humid. If you are use to fry heat then the humidity will kick your butt. I would rather have 120 degree temperatures of dry heat in Nevada then 90 degrees in Alabama with high humidity. The high humidity is awful, but many people prefer the humidity over the dry heat.

The diversity of Alabama is truly astonishing. You can meet friendly people from all sorts of different backgrounds. If you take the time to place youself into the local coffee shops and talk and listen to some of the "old timers" you will walk away with more of an understanding of their views, even though you may not agree with them. Listen to the people of Alabama, and you will undestand more about history then you can get from simply skimming a history book.