Boys can be finicky in their toy selection. Mainly they just want something that is fun and will not break easily.

On this list you will find 10 cool toys for boys. Any of these cool toys for boys would make great gifts. Some of these toys are designed for casual playing and others are designed to get your kid off the couch and burning some calories.

1. Action Figures

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Action figures are always a great gift for boys. Boys will role-play with them, throw them, and sometimes even bury them. A boy’s action figure will get used a lot. Action figures may change over the years; however the popularity of action figures continues to be extremely high with young boys around the World. From GI Joe’s to Shrek toys, you will always be able to find an action toy to satisfy your boys.

2. Toy Cars

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No childhood can be complete for boys without owning some Hot Wheels and Match Box toy cars. These are one of those toys that kids will damage the heck out of and still continue to play with them. It is OK if one of the wheels falls off because your son will continue to play with it. If you need to buy a gift for a young boy and are not sure what to get than simply buy some toy cars for him.

3. Lincoln Logs

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Lincoln logs are a popular toy for boys. If you want to get them off the video games for a while then give them a big tin full of Lincoln Logs. Don’t buy the cheap generic plastic ones. You need to ensure that you buy genuine authentic wooden made Lincoln Logs. These are the same ones that you played with as a child. There is a good chance that you may still have your original Lincoln Log kit from when you were a kid because they are very durable. Don’t worry if you spend an entire afternoon helping your son to build a Lincoln Log architectural masterpiece only to have him destroy it intentionally with one of his toy cars. This is natural for boys to do and is harmless.

4. Whoopee Cushion

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You may not want to buy this gift for your boy. You may consider it crude; however boys everywhere are enthralled and amused by a Whoopee Cushion. A boy’s first Whoopee Cushion will not last long as it will quickly get busted from the constant use, so it is worth it to buy a couple of extra ones to have on hand. You can also videotape it when your young boy puts the Whoopee Cushion under Grandmas chair and then make a lot of money off the video after it goes viral on YouTube.

5. SpongeBob Squarepants

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Any toy or action figure with a SpongeBob Squarepants theme is popular with boys.

6. Model Rockets

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Model Rocketry is always a great gift for boys; however you must ensure that a parent is involved. It is a good bonding time for you and your son to build a model rocket together and then launch it for the first time. When you are done after the first launch head back home and then watch the movie October Sky. Maybe you son will get an interest in Science and grow up to be the next Albert Einstein or Buzz Aldrin.

7. Kites


Kites have been around seemingly since the Dinosaurs. Although kite technology is far more advanced than it was hundreds of years ago, the basic design philosophy behind kites has not changed much. It can be a very fun learning experience for children. Remember dads, if you have to run to get the kite flying in the air than you are doing it wrong. Flying kites with your parents is something all children should be able to experience, unless you live on a commercial wind farm.

8. Razor Kick Scooters

Kick scooters have been around since at least the 1800’s; however the recent rise in kick scooter popularity can be directly attributed to the Razor brand of kick scooters. These cool toys for boys will help you to get your boys off the couch and get some much needed exercise. There are also adult model kick scooters for sale if you would like to join your son for an afternoon of cruising around the neighborhood.

A boy’s kick scooter will be jumped, crashed, and abused. For this reason buy a Razor brand scooter or even a higher quality and more expensive scooter that can take this abuse regularly. If you try and buy a very cheap knock-off scooter than it will not last very long.

9. RC Car

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Buy your boy a quality RC Car that can be raced outside. Get an RC car that can be used in dirt and also be raced off of smaller jumps. This will keep your child entertained of many hours.

10. Electronic Punching Bag

An electronic punching bag for boys will challenge your son and his friends to hit hard and fast. This promotes healthy exercise that could help keep them from becoming one of the many young children in the World who are obese. An electronic punching bag can keep you kids interest and allow them to lose some weight, thus repelling of juvenile diabetes and other weight related diseases.

Electronic punching bags can be a lot of fun. They come with various sound effects that vary depending on how and when you hit the punching bags. Obesity is the one of the leading causes of preventable diseases in the United States. If you want to keep your child as healthy as possible then it is vital that you provide activities for your child that not only promotes aerobic exercise, but is also fun for them. A kid hates exercising; however if they are simply playing hard they don’t even realize they are actually losing weight and being healthy. Although punching bags are pretty safe, there can still be a chance your clumsy kid will hurt himself.