When you think of XXX products what comes into you thoughts?

XXX Root Beer Drive-In

The XXX Root Beer Drive-In is located in Issaquah, Washington. The XXX Root Beer Drive-In is your traditional historic style drive in that features great tasting root beer and floats, 50's and 60's music as well as many hot rods that come and hang put at the XXX Root Beer Drive-In. Every week the XXX Root Beer Drive-In is home to a cool car or motorcycle event. Some of the car related events on their calendar for 2010 include:

  • Mopar and More Show
  • The 14th Annual Mega Cruz Car Show
  • Burgers and Bikes of All Types
  • Burgers and BMW'sRoot Beer Stand
  • Trucks, Buses, and Station Wagons Show
  • Vintage Military Show
  • 3rd Annual Rat Bastards Car Show
  • Volkswagen Fall Fling
  • 2nd Annual Mini Cooper Show
  • NW Corvair and Orphaned Cars
  • All Corvette Car Show

There is another XXX Root Beer Drive-In located in Lafayette Indiana. The cost of the food is extremely high at the Issaquah location but it is worth it if you want to check out the cool cars. You can also dine elsewhere and then go hang out at the XXX Root Beer Drive-In

Tequila PosterXXX Tequila

XXX Tequila comes in three varieties.

  • XXX Reposada
  • XXX Gold
  • XXX Silver

XXX Tequila is made in Mexico. XXX Tequila has won many awards. I personally would rather drink a $4.79 Milkshake at the XXX Root Beer Drive-In.

XXX Tequila claims that Tequila is the "Drink Of The Gods". I think the Gods must be crazy if Tequila is there choice of drinks. Of course if God is drinking Tequila that would explain a lot of the non sense going on in the world. "Why God Why" the man yells as hes crying. God Answers" Sorry dude, drank too much Tequila again."

XXX Racing-AthletiCo

XXX Racing-AthletiCo is a Cycling team located out of Chicago Illinois. XXX Racing-AthletiCo says on there website that anyone is welcome to show up and ride bicycles with them. I highly doubt they would let me show up with my Daughters Pink Barbie bike and ride with them.

The XXX Racing-AthletiCo has many cycling oriented programs available. Not all of them are racing oriented. One of the cycling programs they offer is the bike messenger program. Yes Chicago does have bike messengers just like New York does. If you think the New York bike messengers are hardcore then you should take a look at a Chicago bicycle messenger delivering documents in the middle of a cold and windy winter while it is snowing.

Super Bowl XXX

Superbowl XXXAt Super Bowl XXX in 1996 the Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. Super Bowl XXX was the last time a Super Bowl was played on a college campus. The reason it may be the last time is all of the fans at Super Bowl XXX had to sit on bleacher seating. Imagine if you had paid well over a $1,000 for a Superbowl ticket and then had to sit on a bleacher.

XXX Album

The music Album "XXX" was released by ZZ Top in 1999. Only two song made the charts. "Fearless Boogie" and "36-22-36".

Sontava Habanero XXX Hot Sauce

Sontava Habanero XXX Hot Sauce is a Habanero hot sauce that is Hot. Sontava makes three versions of this sauce. They have an "X" an "XX", and this mouth scorcher is the "XXX". The Sontava Habanero XXX Hot Sauce is full of flavor but after a second of savoring the flavors your mouth begins to burn as if your taste buds were pine trees in Yellowstone and it was the summer of 1988.

Triple X

Vin Diesel starred in this action flick. Triple X was a cool movie for couples to see. The guys were damn tired of "Chick Flicks" and romance movies and then comes "Triple X" with Vin Diesel. The guys all wanted to see this awesome action movie and the girls wanted to go see the movie too. The only reason the girls wanted to go see Triple X was too see Vin Diesel take off his shirt and show off his muscular body. Whatever Man, it was a good night for all!

MaestrinaMelinda's Original XXX Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce

Melinda's Original XXX Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce is spicy but not burning hot. They do add some Habaneros into their hot sauce but very few. The hot sauce is great on snakes....steaks. Of course Melinda's Original XXX Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce would keep the snakes away.

If you want a smoky tasting hot sauce that is powerfully spice but not enough to melt you tongue into your tonsils then give Melinda's Original XXX Chipotle Hot Pepper Sauce a try.

Molson XXX

Molson makes great tasting beer. Molson XXX is not a great tasting beer. Molson XXX has a higher alcohol percentage. Molson XXX is designs to get you drunk quicker. Molson XXX beer tastes like moldy rice and warm hamster droppings. Molson makes great beer but Molson XXX is not one of them.

XXX Condoms

XXX Condoms are made in India by a company called Moods. XXX Condoms has ran a major advertising campaign including billboard with racy themes. The XXX Condom campaigns have took a lot of flack from the general public in India. They don't want to have to explain to their kid what the XXX Condom ads are about.

Moods have this to say about their XXX Condoms:

"A new generation three-in-one condom with three inbuilt features in one Condom. Moods XXX condoms are ribbed, dotted and flared for multiplying the pleasure during love making."

Moods condoms also come in many different flavors including chocolate and bubblegum.

Other XXX Products

There are many other items that use XXX in it's name. In 2010 we have the XXX Summer Olympics in London England. Even Vitamin Water has a XXX flavor of it's vitamin enriched water. Clearly XXX is overused but it does usually help sell additional products simply because of the XXX in the name. How many of you clicked on this article because you thought the XXX was referring to dirtier stuff?

Image Credits: (Wikipedia) Flickr/milesgehm) (Flickr/lucktom)