There are numerous toys for girls. Some of these toys we as adults might think are ugly or stupid but young girls simply adore these toys. If you have a girl then you probably already own 1 or more of the cute toys on this list. If you need an idea of what to buy for a girl than here are 10 popular choices. All of these choices were chosen and approved by a 7 ½ year old girl who definitely knows her toys. Here are the top 10 cute girl toys. Any of these would make a great gift for a girl.

1. Littlest Pet Shop

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You have little animal pets with large heads. It seems like a simple toy yet girls cannot get enough of these. There are special and rare collector’s editions of Littlest Pet Shop that you can get. There are numerous add-ons available. These little cute toys can keep girls amused for hours.

2. Barbie Dolls

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Barbie Dolls are one of the most popular girl’s toys of all-time. No girl can claim to have been raised properly by her parents if she did not own at least one Barbie Doll.

3. Stroller


There are many strollers designed for kids to play with; however you may also just let them play with their old stroller if you prefer. Young girls love to push their dolls around in a stroller and act just like mom does. Hopefully she will not start nagging like mom likes to do.

4. Zhu Zhu Pets

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Zhu Zhu Pets became extremely popular a few years ago and were flying off shelves faster than the stores could get new shipments in. Although the popularity of Zhu Zhu Pets has waned recently, girls still love to play with them.

Zhu Zhu Pets are little hamster toys that move on their own. You can even buy add-on accessories as well as buying Zhu Zhu Pets in a variety of colors and styles. This is also a good gift to prank grandma with when she is coming out of the bathroom and she spots what initially appears to be a mouse coming at her.

Zhu Zhu Pets can be put into “adventure” mode where they move around on their own. You can also choose to put the Zhu Zhu Pets into “Nurture” mode and the make cooing noises when you touch them. Girls love Zhu Zhu Pets as much as boys do.

5. Lalaloopsy Dolls 

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Lalaloopsy Dolls are also commonly miscalled Lala Lucy dolls. Lalaloopsy Dolls are not what a lot of adults would consider as a cute girls toy, but we as adults are not the experts.  Young girls go crazy for the Lalaloopsy Dolls. Even if you think it is ugly buy a Lalaloopsy Doll for your daughter. Remember when your mom thought Cabbage Patch Kids were ugly? Yep, so go ahead and buy a Lalaloopsy Doll for your daughter. The sooner you get one before Christmas the better chance you will have of finding the one you want. Lalaloopsy Dolls may look awesome to you or they may look ugly; but either way girls love these dolls with the strange hair. The button eyes though are pretty cool because it is a throwback to retro dolls and Amish dolls.

6. Bratz Dolls

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A Bratz Doll is like a Barbie Doll except they have massively huge eyes and wear too much make-up. They look like Barbie Dolls who have smoked and snorted too much methamphetamine. For whatever reason young girls tend to think that Bratz Dolls are cute. They are very popular even though some parents will not allow their daughter to have one.

7. Stuffed Animals

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Plush stuffed animals are the seminal toy of young children. The evolution of plush toys can be traced far back in history. Pioneers who were traveling West by wagon often had children that had a stuffed doll that was carried with them. A plush doll can also be calming for children. Many children like to sleep with their favorite stuffed animal. Once they name their stuffed animal and start playing with it they can become very attached to them.

8. Barbie Jeep

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“A girl’s Best Friend” is how the young girl described owning a Barbie Jeep to me. If you want to make your daughter the envy of all the other girls in the neighborhood then buy her a Barbie Jeep. She can cruise around and have all kinds of fun until the battery goes dead. Fortunately the batteries are re-chargeable.

9. Monster High Girls

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Mattel is the maker of Barbie Dolls and they also produce the Monster High Girls. Each doll has characteristics of certain monsters such as fangs. Many girls think that the Monster High Girls are cute toys. They can appear a tad freaky compare to regular Barbie Dolls, but they do look much better than the Bratz Dolls. Monster High Girls are a good gift for girls because it can help show young girls that you do not have to look like Barbie in order to be cool.

10. Lego’s for Girls


You can never go wrong buying Lego’s for young girls unless you also happen to own a dog who likes to eat Lego Pieces. Lego’s can be an educational toy, but for the most part girls (and boys) like Lego blocks simply because they are so much fun to play with. Artistic talents within your children can be discovered when they begin to create more advanced models with their Lego blocks. Don’t skimp on the blocks either. The more Lego blocks you buy the better. How can you child create the Taj Mahal of Lego’s if they do not have enough blocks to do it?

The only problem you might run into with Legos other than the dog eating them is your daughter may get frustrated that you as the parent are playing with the Legos more than here.