Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity or Other Causes

10 Date Ideas Under $50

It’s about time for you and your partner to take up a cause and you don’t need money to do it. You can volunteer to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, an orphanage or soup kitchen. For Habitat, They will give you proper training on how to construct houses and will assign you things that you can do relevant to your skills. They will even feed you.

Something like this will give you and your partner a chance to see how lesser fortunate people are living and will make you both realize that some of the things that you make a big issue out of aren’t really important. It will help you both put things in perspective. In the end, you will both mature and become better people which will also make your relationship better.

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Flea Market

Here’s the idea. Find something in a flea market which you can sell for at least twice the price. That’s your project. Set aside about $20 and buy stuff in a flea market. Take your time and spot items that you can really resell. Then, either go to a pawnshop and have it checked or sell to your friends or sell it on ebay. The idea is to earn at least twice the money you invested.

You two will have fun going around tinkering at almost every item being sold in the flea market and even have more fun when you realize you can actually make money out of it.

Streetfood Date

Instead of aspiring to go to an expensive restaurant for a date, go around trying streetfood. Eat as much as you can without going over your budget. Every state, every city and every town has a streetfood mecca. Go ahead and have fun trying out different delicacies. These streetfoods are rarely bad.

Yard Sale Project

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Spend a day or several days going through each of your stuff and segregate everything you are no longer using. Make sure you sweep everything. Then, you can later on decide whether you want to sell the stuff on a yard sale or donate it or go and send it to a recycling company.

If you do decide to sell them, you can put it in your vacation fund with your partner. Save up for your dream vacation. This kind of date will exhaust you but it is guaranteed to give you some fun and has the potential of earning you some dough.

20 Friends in a Day

It is about time for you and your partner to see friends you haven’t seen for some time. Spend the entire day going around to say hello to your friends. Make sure you inform your friends that you will really just drop by so they don’t hold you for long. You can set your goal at 10 friends in a day or 5 or 15 or 20… whatever you can manage.

One way of getting this done is to bike around instead of bringing your car. That will save you some gas money and also give you two a good workout. Set a limit of 15 minutes per friends if necessary. And if you can, bring something for them, a gift that the two of your personally made.

Take breaks if necessary. If you see a beautiful park, get down and rest. Enjoy the air and the sky. After all, it is supposed to be a date.

DIY Outdoor Movies

If you can’t afford to go to the movies and bring the movies to you. Set up a nice little place in your garden where you and your partner can lie down and munch on some cheap food while you watch a movie. You can bring the TV out or settle on watching through your laptop. Set up the speaker and you are bound to have a good time.

Buy some beer or wine and chips. If you want, you can even call in some friends to join you. Make sure you have plenty of bean bags or pillows. Ask them to bring their own drinks and food!

Make an Artwork

Even if neither of you has any artistic bone in your body, get some paint, splash it on a sheet and doodle your heart out. You can use your hand to paint too or your body or your face. Just get a canvass and pretend you know what you are doing. You can also pimp a wall in your house or a get a white sheet and paint on it. Later, use it as a blanket or curtain.

It doesn’t have to be a painting too. You can create crafts out of recycled bottles and other materials. Just search on YouTube and you’ll find hundreds of tutorials on how you can convert thrash to something you can really use.

Street Performances

It is expensive to buy a concert ticket but you don’t have to if you have people performing for free. Go around and watch different street performers. Set aside $10 to $20 for donations. Before making a donation, watch and listen to about three of their songs. Rank them and make a donation according to your final ranking. If the street performer is taking in request, go ahead and request for a song. You can request them to perform your theme song.

Who knows, this just might be the most romantic date you will ever have.

Ask a Friend

Call your friends and ask them if they need help on something. Naturally, it has to be manual labor. Maybe, someone needs a baby sitter for the day or they need to paint the fence or clean their garage. Whatever it is, just go ahead and help for free. They might even feed you. If none of your friends need help on any manual labor, then ask your relatives. The older ones are always in need of help.

Try Something You Have Never Done Before

Think of something you have never done before and try it. Skateboarding? Cleaning? Approaching a stranger for them to pose for a photo with you? Setting up a video camera and asking strangers a question? Fishing? Just think of something you have never done before and do it.


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